Langtang Trek in Nepal
Trekking in Nepal

Langtang Trek in Nepal costs- Everything you need to know


Langtang trek in Nepal celebrates magnificent mountain views along with scenic landscapes. Langtang Valley among most visited trekking destination of Nepal. The view of world’s tallest mountain, cultural originality and extensive bio-diversity, all blends to offer a prodigious trek in a single Package. Moreover, the much gentle pace of climb and accessibility from Kathmandu made Langtang region a favorite trekking destination for many. Either you are in groups of your friends or a solo trek, the fun is mammoth. Here is everything you need to know about solo trek to Langtang trek in Nepal including Langtang trek cost and Langtang Trek best costs.


Langtang Solo Trek Highlights

• Heartwarming hospitality from the locals.
• Magnificent views of mountains as Langtang Lirung (7,200m), Langtang -II (7,227m) and Ganesh Himal (7,600m),
• of snow-capped Himalayan ranges as Kyanjin RI, Ganchhenpo (6388m), Tserko RI (5033m), Dorje Lakpa (6990m) and Laure Binayak pass (4,609m)
• Local interaction in typical Sherpa and Tamang villages
• Flora and fauna observation in Langtang National Park- second largest national park of Nepal

Here is 5 reasons why you should visit Langtang.

Langtang trek guide and porter

Langtang is definitely not possible without a guide. Added to the fact that you are alone, the trail is not so distinct and language can be a real problem. So a guide who shall navigate through the mountains and give you the insight of local culture is a good choice. Further, S/he also suggests you for the best place to accommodate and eat. And since you have to trek for days, a porter carries your load.

Langtang Trek in Nepal
Langtang Trek in Nepal

Hiring a professional guide costs you around $25 to $30 and a porter charges $15 to $20. You can also hire a guide-porter who does both of the jobs. Make sure that your guide has a license. Langtang trek in Nepal is lot easier with a trekkers.

Langtang Trek in Nepal Cost:

You need to pay for permits, accommodation, transportation, and food during the trek. Langtang trek in Nepal costs deatils are given below.

Langtang trek permit cost

There are two permits for Langtang trek- TIMS Card and Langtang national park permit. TIMS card is to keep the records of every trekker and track them. It cost around $20 while the Langtang national park permit cost around $30.

Langtang trek Accommodation costs

During the trek, you will be spending your nights in a simple tea house with two single beds in a room. In the peak season March-late May and Sept/Oct, you might also need to pre-book one. Many of local houses were collapsed during the 2015 earthquake, so now only a few of them are left.
The room should cost you around USD 5 per room per night. In the off-season, they might also accommodation you for free- as long as you eat in that very guest house.

Langtang trek Food costs

No doubt, like every other place of Nepal, Dal Bhat is the staple food for the locals in the region.

The good amount of boiled lentils and steamed rice with seasonal vegetables can make you going for the whole day. The prices of food at the beginning of the trail is less, around 2-3 USD, but as climb higher, it gradually increases.

You cannot neglect the cost of water, or else it gets super expensive. During the initial days, it cost around $1, but then it might cost up to 3.5 USD for a bottle. SO it’s wise to carry a personal bottle and refill it in water sprouts or springs. But don’t dare to drink it without using purification tablets.

ATMs at Langtang

NO, There are not any ATMs in the region. Which means you have to carry enough cash- Nepalese rupee with you beforehand. You might also keep some dollars for the case of emergency, is will be less bulky.

Langtang trek Best time to trek:

Langtang trek in Nepal is awesome throughout the year. You can trek in any season you feel comfortable with. But, it is advised to trek during autumn and spring. Autumn, September to December and Spring, March to May has a clear sky, moderate temperature, and no rainfall.
But even during the monsoon, the Langtang region gets less rainfall, which is not a big issue. You can also trek in winter, all you need to some extra pair of warm clothes.

Langtang Trek in Nepal
Langtang Trek in Nepal

Health Concerns:

Before you head for the trek, its good to consult a doctor. Check if you are physically fit and make sure that your body is not affected in high altitudes. Regardless of being fit, you might get altitude sickness, which causes headache, Nausea and vomiting, Dizziness, Loss of appetite, Shortness of breath, Increased heart rate and Difficulty sleeping. You should be careful about your health while Langtang trek in Nepal.

If you notice these symptoms, do not neglect it. It is advisable not climb any higher for the next 48 hours or else descend to a lower altitude if possible. It’s important that you take complete rest until you feel well, drink plenty of water and do not smoke. You might also need external oxygen supply and anti-sickness medications.


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