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Manaslu Trek- Everything about Lower Manaslu Trek in Nepal


Trekking to the foothills of world’s 8th tallest mountain is a jollity in itself. Going for the Manaslu Trek in Nepal is a unique experience as it’s the off-the-beaten-track trekking route in Nepal. Each year, the number of tourists wandering this region is increasing. The trek in Manaslu has two chapter- Manaslu Circuit trek and Lower Manaslu.

The lower legion of Gorkha district named as lower Manaslu is known to the name Gorkha Historical trekking. You get to explore the historic, cultural, religious, and ecological significance of Nepal at the same time without a tough trek. If you admire nature and its beauty but want to avoid tough walks, Lower Manaslu trek is suitable for you. The mountain ranges of the Manaslu region will fascinate you while Mount Manaslu, the world’s eighth highest peak is a major attraction.

So, if you are also the one planning for it, its obvious to wonder “how difficult is Manaslu circuit trek anyways?”. Or you might be thinking about best times for Manaslu trek or Manaslu trek weather/ temperature. Here is a the answer to all the questions about this trek in Nepal.


Major attraction of Manaslu Trek:

  • Close view of Majestic Himalayan ranges such as Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Annapurna, and more.
  • Fascinating flora and fauna during the trail
  • Visit historical places of Nepal i.e Gorkha palace, Gorakhnath Cave, etc
  • Interaction with local
  • Trekking in lower Manaslu region
  • Visit the famous temple of Nepal- Manakamana Temple and cable car tour

Best Time For Manaslu Trek

The Trek can be done throughout the year. Right kind of packing makes the trek during any season possible. But, like all other Himalayan treks, Autumn and Spring are the best seasons.

Trek in September, October, and November:

Autumn, September, October, and November has fairly calm and stable which attracts many trekkers along the route. Also, autumn is also the festive season- major festival like Dashain, Tihar, Teej, etc is celebrated during these months.

Trek in March, April, and May:

Similarly, Spring i.e March, April, and May is the second-best season for trekking in Nepal. Spring is the most beautiful seasons where new plants grow and the rhododendron blooms covers the forest. The weather in the Manaslu region is also favorable during Spring. But, you may also expect some light rain in late May.

Trek in Summer and Winter:

Lower Manaslu Trek is possible during summer and winter seasons. But, the region is less crowded and peaceful. During monsoon, heavy rain might make the trails muddy and slippery while the winter might be freezing. So you will need right gear and flexible schedules for lower Manaslu trek.

Lower Manaslu Trek Distance:

You either begin your trek from Arughat or Soti Khola ( 8-9 hours drive from Kathmandu). The distance of the bus ride is about 138 Km.

And the total length of the trek is about 177 Km which is around 10-12 days as per your walking days. The first few days of the trek might be a little difficult as the Budhi Gandaki Gorge is harsh steep. Then it gets slightly easier.

Lower Manaslu trek Map:

Manaslu Trek
Lower Manslu Trek Map

You can take the following route for Lower Manaslu trek.

Kathmandu (1360m) – Ghairung (1090mm)- Gorkha Bazaar (900m)- Sirandada – (1900m)- Barpak Village (1920m)- Laprak village (2100m)- Laprak- Nambai Kharka (2700m) 5 hrs Trek- Darche Danda (3220m)- Gyampesal (1165m)- Kathmandu.

Manaslu Trek Gu and a Porter:

The Trek is possible with or without guide and porter. But since it might be difficult for you to make all the necessary arrangements by yourself and interact with the locals, its ideal to hire a guide.

Lower Manaslu Trek is easier than other treks to the Himalayas. So, the regular trekkers can do well even without hiring a porter. But, it will obviously be easier if you hire one. So hiring a porter completely depends upon your physically capabilility.

The guide charges you 20$-25$ a day whereas a porter charges 10$-15$ per day.

Manaslu Trek Cost

Lower Manaslu Trek is definitely an affordable trek- cheaper than Annapurna and Everest Base Camp treks. The cost of Lower Manaslu Trek packages ranges from the US $ 1000 to the US $1850 USD per person. This cost depends upon the luxury you wish and time of the year you travel.

Manaslu Trek Difficulty

Even if you are not a professional trekker or an experienced climber, you can easily Lower Manaslu trek. Anyone with normal health fitness can easily make it to the top.

Further, there are fewer chances of Altitude sickness while trekking to the Lower Manaslu Trek. The highest elevation of the trek is Gyampesal, 1165 meters. You will walk for about 5-6 hours each day.

However, Manaslu Circuit trek is considered slightly more difficult than other classic trekking destinations like Annapurna Circuit trek or Everest Base Camp trek. This is due to the higher altitude, slippery route and cold weather. But with the right preparation it is not impossible.

Factors Determining the Difficulty of Manaslu Trek:

Manaslu trek permit:

As Manaslu trek takes you quite close to the Tibetan region, considering the personal safety, you are not allowed to trek alone. All foreigners need to issue a special trekking permit and hire a registered tour guide for the trek.

Manaslu trek Altitude:

As the Manaslu Base Camp is about 4800 meters, which is already very high. But the biggest challenge is crossing the Larkya La Pass, 5,123 m. Such high altitude might cause you altitude sickness.

Thus, you need to be physical preparation to cope with such altitude. Slow walks, drinking a lot of water and taking regular rest are some ways to prevent yourself.

Manaslu trek Temperature:

When you are traveling at such high altitude, the weather makes the major difference in your trek.

Weather in the daytime is usually warm but the night temperature is usually below the freezing point.

The summer (June, July, and August) is hot and wet while the sun shines during the day makes the daytime warm. But the monsoon might make the path slippery and hard to walk.

The spring (March, April, and May) is the ideal time for Manaslu trek as the chance of rainfall is less in this season. The daytime temperature is around 16 degrees but the night temperature falls off 2 degrees.

Autumn (September-November) is the peak season for Manaslu circuit trek due to the stable weather and pleasant temperature.

Winter (December-late February) in Manaslu is too cold i.e up to -15 degrees night temperature. Make sure you pack warm clothes for the heavy snowfall.

Manaslu Trek Training:

Training is necessary to keep you fit, reduce muscles strain and to adjust at higher altitude. It helps you physically fit and mentally prepared to the tough trek.

Strength and Endurance Training:

Strength training are key to ease your body while trekking as you need to walk for 5-6 hours daily in the forest. The paths are rocky with steep climbs.

Thus, before heading for the trek, you need to walk a few hours with a backpack to make your shoulder and arm strong.

Cardiovascular Fitness:

It helps your heart and lungs function well i.e to supply oxygen-rich blood to your muscles during the trek.

Few exercises as cycling, running, jogging, running, and swimming develops your cardiovascular fitness.

Mental Preparation

You cannot really predict how difficult the trek is until you actually start the trip. So you are supposed to complete a few short hikes before you actually come for the Manaslu trek. If there are no such hiking places in your country, you can try one when you arrive Kathmandu. There are many one-day hikes around Kathmandu.


Lower Manaslu Trek among the underrated trekking destinations in Nepal which is equally beautiful and exciting like other famous trekking trails. You will get to spend time in the areas of lower elevation and explore the cultural, historical, and ecological aspect of the Manaslu region.

There is no demur that Manaslu trek is way challenging. But with the right training, preparation, and the right attitude, the trek also offers the best moments of your life. The Manaslu region is brimful of natural beauty and rich culture of Tibetan and Gurkhas.

For further information please Contact Us. Book your trip with us and we will give our best to make the trekking experience pleasurable.

Happy Trekking

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