Hiring a Guide For Manaslu Trek
Trekking in Nepal

Hiring a Guide For Manaslu Trek


Manaslu is one of the unique yet exciting trekking destinations in Nepal. The region was permitted for foreign trekkers only in 1991 and it is a restricted trekking region. Therefore, the place is yet to be explored fully, it has maintained its originality. Therefore, it is compulsory to hire a guide during the Manaslu trek. This article helps you for hiring a guide for Manaslu trek, their cost and more.


Is a Solo Manaslu Trek Possible?

There are many prodigious trekking destinations in this Himalayan nation where you can trek solo. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to trek to the Manaslu region without a guide.

There are 6 Village Development Committees in the Manaslu that share a border with Tibet which is a semi-restricted area. So only a limited number of tourists can trek to Manaslu with a special permit and an authorized trekking agency.

Manaslu Base Camp, Tsum valley and Larkya La pass are 3 most beautiful places along the Manaslu region that borders the autonomous region of Tibet. You will need a special permit to trek to all of these regions.

In addition to the permit, you will need to compulsorily hire a licensed guide or a porter-guide. Furthermore, you can’t just trek alone, a minimum of two trekkers besides the porter and guide is compulsory.

Manaslu Trek Guide Cost

Hiring a guide is compulsory and hiring a porter is your choice. But since the trek is tough, if your bag pack is heavy, it is wise to hire a porter. Or, you can also hire a guide cum porter.

If you have booked your trek with a trekking agency, they provide you with a guide. But if you hire a guide, (s)he will cost you US$ 25 per day includes meals, accommodation, and salary.

On the other hand, the cost of hiring a porter is US$ 18. The cost includes their meals, accommodation, and salary.

Perks of Hiring a Professional Guide to Manaslu

Compulsorily hiring a guide to Manaslu Circuit trek might feel a bit restrained. But hiring a guide has so many merits than simply showing you the path. Here are the perks of Hiring a Professional Guide to Manaslu.

  • In the restricted areas like Manaslu trek, there are places where trekking is not permissible. Thus a guide will make sure that you don’t accidentally go to such places that might cause you legal issues.
  • Trekking in high elevation like Larkya La Pass and Manaslu Base Camp needs a lot of physical and strength. Your guide will be your motivator if you find the trek difficult.
  • Introduce you to the local culture.
  • The guide will arrange the accommodation as they have good connections and with owners of tea houses. As Manaslu has only a few numbers of a tea house, the guide will make you easier to find one.
  • Altitude sickness is a serious issue every trekker should be worried about while trekking in high altitudes. If you get affected by such sickness, your guide will give you the necessary medication and also help you evacuate.

Final Say

Manaslu, the off-the-beaten-track destination, therefore, has many authentic cultures, and landscapes to be explored. And being a restricted trekking area, hiring a guide to Manaslu is, therefore, a must. The cost of guides is also not too high. Further, a guide helps you explore this region quite well.

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