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Hiring a Guide in Nepal: How to Choose One?


A guide is your company, your friend, your mentor and your strength during the entire trek. The right one can make your trek full of beautiful memories and amusing information. Thus while booking your trek, it is very important that you choose the right person as a guide. But in most cases, you won’t know what type of persona fits to be your guide and then later realize your mistake. Thus, here we have not only listed the cost of hiring a guide in Nepal, but also a guideline to choose the right person as a guide. So here is all about Hiring a guide in Nepal: how to choose one?


Check Language

First thing first, communication with your guide is most crucial. Most of the guides in Nepal use English to communicate with tourists. But make sure their English is fluent and understandable. Also, you may find a few guides who can speak Chinese, Japanese, Korean e.t.c. So before looking for anything else, look weather the guide can speak the language you are comfortable with.

Government License as a Guide

After training, the government of Nepal provides them with a license to be a guide. Only the license holder guides are the authorized ones. Also, if you are traveling alone make sure you get a photocopy of their license for your own safety.


Hire a guide with at least 2 yrs of experience. The newer ones might have a poor connection in the tea house along the way or can provide you with the wrong information. Only an experienced guide can handle issues like sickness, rescue, evacuation, etc effectively.

Level of Local Knowledge

It would be better if the guide you hire is from the region you will be traveling. Such guides can give you a lot of information about the local culture. Also, she/he will have knowledge about the possible danger and its outcome. So, for the right trekking experience, it’s important that the guide has all the necessary local knowledge.

First Aid Knowledge

This is the most crucial thing a guide performs during the trek. Hire the one with First aid knowledge so that he can handle any minor health issues from injury to altitude sickness during the trek. Up in the Himalayas, hospitals are as rear as falling stars, so your guide might need to be your doctor. I don’t have to aware you that wrong medicine can be life-threatening at such altitude.

His/Her Insurance

Not just the trekkers, but even the guide is exposed to equal risk during the trek. So hire the one having his/her own insurance, so you should not be responsible for any misfortune that happens with him/her.


Besides the one listed above, a guide should have good commanding skills to lead the group. He/ she should be friendly and charming to enhance your mood during the trek. Also, he/ she must know the local tea houses along the route. In the last, Adaptability, Responsiveness, Responsibility is the key.

If you are finding any difficulties with hiring a guide in Nepal, Contact us to hire the best guide at a reasonable price and let us make your journey prodigious.

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