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Everest Base Camp Trek difficulty level:


They say “unless it’s tinged with danger, it’s not an adventure”. Trekking to the world tallest mountain, Mount Everest (8848m) has its own perks and adventures. Everest Base Camp Trek difficulty level is high but nothing that cannot be overcome. It’s obvious that Everest difficulty rating is high, trek to such heavenly beauty is challenging and fun. All the adventure junkies have Everest Base Camp Trek in their bucket list. But not all are informed about Everest Base Camp hike difficulty.

You don’t need any technical skills for the trek- enthusiasm; determination and basic fitness level are the will be enough. But at such high altitude, everything could not be guaranteed, After all the trek to 5364 m (Kala Patthar) is not a joke. Obviously, the trek is challenging and demands a lot of precautions. Here is everything about Everest Base Camp Trek difficulty level


Everest difficulty rafting:

The Base Camp trek to Everest is classified as a moderately difficult trek. This means you will not need any technical equipment and skills, but need basic fitness training and a fit body. Anyone without previsions trekking experience can also complete this trek with basic training of a month.

Everest Base Camp Trek difficulty:

The Altitude of the Everest Base Camp

Altitude is the most challenging difficulties among all others. With 14-15km of walking each day on such steep and snowy land, everyone suffers. When you reach Kala Patthar, about 50% of oxygen is reduced.

Altitude Mountain Sickness (AMS) affects the mental and physical functioning of trekkers irrespective of their age, gender and fitness. Altitude Sickness shows dizziness, frequent palpitations, and headache.

If you notice the symptoms of altitude Sickness you should immediately return to lower altitude otherwise the consequences can be fatal. On the worst case, you might also need helicopter rescue (on self-payment). Medical check-ups before heading for the trek are advisable.

Acclimatization of at least 3 days is suggested to avoid the sickness.

Length of Everest Base Camp Trek:

The trail of EBC Trek is about 65 km (130 km round-trip). This 65 km is completely rocky, steep, snowy & icy terrain with paths unpaved. You will have to walk 15km each day for 9 days to cover that distance. Thus it is important to analyze the complexity of this trek and be accordingly. You need to get Everest Base Camp training. Such distance is in-fact among the major cause for Everest Base Camp Trek difficulty.

Everest Base Camp Trek difficulty

Weather and Temperature of Everest Base Camp:

Weather in the mountain region is unpredictable while the temperature is extreme. The temperature depends upon weather, season and altitude as well. Sometimes it can get below -17 degrees C at night along with high chilling winds and heavy snowfall. Right climate can decrease Everest Base Camp Trek difficulty.

During the day, due to direct rays, the sunlight can be scorching. Chilling evenings can have a temperature of fewer than zero degrees.

Thus you need to pack technically, drink as much as water and dress warmly.

Cost for Everest Base Camp trek:

With an increasing elevation, the price of everything increases. And at the highest elevation of the world, the prices are also very high. The cost of food and gets tripled or more. Right packing deceases the costs Everest Base Camp Trek difficulty. So always buy quality products.

And since there is only a few in the way (which might not work sometimes), it’s ideal to carry extra.

Everest Base Camp Traning:

Everest Base Camp Trek difficulty
Everest Training

Walking one the most strenuous trek ever requires to be mentally as well as physically fit. Basic training before trekking, around a month in advance can handle the condition well.

It may include long walks, strength training at the gym and aerobic exercises like swimming, jogging etc. Proper fitness is crucial during the trek. Training can reduce Everest Base Camp Trek difficulty.


To sum Up, Everest Base Camp Trek difficulty can be overcome with right preparations. Let us to all the arrangement while you sit back and relax. Book your trip here.

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