Everest Base Camp in December
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Everest Base Camp in December: Weather, Accommodation, Highlights, and Alternatives


Here is everything you need to know about Everest Base Camp in December including Everest December weather.

December is one of the least crowded months of the year in the Everest region. Climbing Everest in December is not possible, but you can definitely do December Everest Base Camp Trek. As the winter begins in December you can still enjoy the perks of the autumn season. You can enjoy the peace and tranquility along the trail and enjoy the mountains all by yourself. Everest Base Camp in December possible and fun.

You can get the best accommodations and meals choices along with the awesome views on this month. Since there are fewer tourists in the trail, Everest in December is fun as you enjoy some accommodation along the trail.


Everest Base Camp December Weather:

December marks the beginning of winter season in Nepal. You can enjoy your trek in cool weather during the day. But the temperatures during the night drops down to negative. The month has very low precipitation and you can enjoy the fabulous views of the frozen Everest along with the crisp mountain air. Everest Base Camp in December is damn frozen.

During December, the average sunshine hours are only 5-7 hours. This means you should start your trek early in the morning and reach your destination for the day early. The chill Himalayan wind hitting your face will also add to the fun.

Lukla, 2,829m has the daily average temperatures of 4°C. At Namche, you can enjoy the cool temperatures of around 3°C during the days. But the night’s temperatures can drop to -7°C. But after Dingboche (4,483m) you get the chilly air even during the day. When you reach the Base Camp, the day temperature is also below zero.

If you stay longer, you might need to learn about Everest Base Camp in January.

Everest Base Camp in December
Everest Region

Why is Everest Base Camp in December exciting?

Less Rainfall: December comes with almost no precipitation- neither rain nor snow. You can walk along the dry trails.

Fewer Trekkers: December is considered as off-season for treks in Nepal. So there is fewer number of trekkers on your way to Everest. You have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature all by yourself.

Clear Visibility: The chilly winter wind in December blows away all the clouds. This means you can trek under the clear skies enjoying the amazing view of the mountain.

Hence, you can enjoy the fabulous views offered in the Everest region during December.

More Budget-Friendly: December is the starting of the off-season for treks in Nepal. This means the tour and trek operators which offers the discounts and package deals. Also, there are some complimentary services, discounts on flights, group discounts, and others.

Nepal is among the most affordable trekking destinations in the world. Everest Base Camp in December is more budget friendly.

Everest in December Accommodations:

With the beginning of winter, finding the lodges and tea houses are easy. They remain quiet and peaceful as you enjoy their hospitality all by youself. You can get the room of your choice at better prices and enjoy the hospitality.

Trek with or without guides

Everest Base Camp in December is easier when you have a guide. Since there are fewer trekkers on the trails, there is only less number of people you meet. Hence, there are the chances of getting lost or injured so that you will find it hard to arrange all by yourself. A guide ensures that you won’t get lost. S/he will also provide first aid knowledge.

Also during December trek, you will also need to carry your winter gear along with regular essentials. Hence, you will need a porter to carry belongings to make your trek easy and comfort.

Recommended Treks in Everest Region:

  • Everest Base Camp Trek with Island Peak
  • Shivalaya to Everest Base Camp Trekking
  • Everest Base Camp Cho-La Pass – Gokyo Trekking
Everest Base Camp in December

Trekking Nepal in December:

Since the cold weather and snowfall makes the trek to Everest Base Camp hard, you can pick the alternate trekking trail for the month. The best alternate trekking trails for winter in Nepal are:

  • Langtang Valley trek;
  • Upper Mustang Trek
  • Lower Mustang Trek


You can book your Everest Base Camp in December with us here. We assure that you get the best arrangements during the trek.

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