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Everything about Annapurna Base camp in May-Temperature, Accommodation, and Tips


With the spring blooms and clear sky, Annapurna Base Camp in may is awesome. With the beautiful red, pink and purple blooms around, the Annapurna circuit trek in May also feels and looks like a dream. The Base Camp trek in allows you to feel the mesmerizing landscape of the mountains along with beautiful forests full of rhododendron flowers. A glorious view of the Mt Annapurna awaits you at the end while the view of Annapurna 1, Annapurna South, Gangapurna , the unclimbed Fang, and Mt. Machhapuchhre guides you along the way.

The Annapurna Base Camp in May is definitely a photographer’s paradise. The crispy mountain ranges view and blue clear skies will leave anyone in awe. Besides the adventure freaks, May also welcomes botanical researchers as forests along the trekking trails are filled with unique biodiversity. Still, like every other month, you will definitely have to look out on several aspects. Here is everything about Annapurna in May: The weather of Annapurna Base Camp in May, Accommodation on Annapurna Base Camp in May, Highlights of Annapurna Base camp in May etc.


Highlights of Annapurna Base Camp in May

  • Moderate Weather i.e neither too hot nor too cold
  • Beautiful Landscapes i.e green tress and the snow melted, forests become a paradise due to the magical rhododendron flowers bloom
  • Clear Skies on most days offering crispest views and clean mountain breeze.
  • Best Time for Research as the flowers are in full bloom and the exotic wildlife is active
  • Frequent Flights Pokhara due to sound weather

Annapurna Base Camp Weather in May:

Annapurna Base Camp in May is awesome. May in in-fact one of the peak seasons for trekkers, and the credit goes to the moderate and clam weather of May. During the sunny day, the temperature remains around 20-degree Celsius at lower altitudes. But as you climb higher, the temperature slightly decreases. Whereas, it falls to 9 degree Celsius during the night.

But be prepared for some wind (which can reach up to 10km/hr In the higher altitudes) and rain (if you trek in the later weeks of May). The weather is rather clamming during the first few weeks. The climate in June is also similar but somehow hotter.

Annapurna in May Accomodation:

As spring is one of the peak seasons, the teahouses along the trekking routes will be quite packed. As the number of trekkers is high, it means that most of the tea houses will be open and you will enjoy the best facility in you book them in advance. You might ask your guide to do the bookings for you. Since the number is high, the prices of tea house could go slightly higher.

The teahouses will provide you with basic equipment like blankets and extra pillows. For the hot water shower, you might need to pay a few extra dollars if you ask.

Annapurna Trek in May difficulties:

Here are a few difficulties that you may face during your Annapurna Base Camp in May.

Annapurna Base Camp is at the altitude of 4130m. While trekking at such high altitude you might face some problem and cause altitude sickness. Make sure you plan your trek well and some days to acclimatize. Also, you are less likely to get affected by altitude sickness if you have plenty of water. Also, avoid things such as sleeping pills and alcohol.

Unpredictable Rain
The weather is clear during the first two weeks of May and during later weeks, the monsoon approaches and you might encounter unexpected downpours. The weather might get more humid. The rain might make the trails slippery. So be well prepared with a raincoat, trousers and a pair of trekking boots.

Problem of Insects:
Not just trekkers, spring also brings out many bugs and insects. So there might be some problems with leeches and mosquitoes. You can avoid them with anti-leech sprays and/or ointment. Mosquitoes will not trouble you if you ascend to higher altitudes.

Tips for Annapurna Base Camp Trek in May

  • Check the Weather Forecast
  • Have a Flexible Schedule
  • Hire a Guide and a Porter
  • Get a Travel Insurance


The region of Annapurna in May always a delight. It is the best option for people who wants to experience the beauty of the mountains of Nepal.
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