Everest Base Camp Heli Tour Vs Mountain Flight To Everest
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Everest Base Camp Heli Tour Vs Mountain Flight To Everest


You can enjoy the beauty of majestic Everest without hiking for weeks to Everest Base Camp. Thanks to the Helicopter tour to Everest and mountain flight over Everest that protects your shanks from getting hurt. You will get to experience the panoramic views of the Himalayas from an aerial viewpoint.

Obviously, lying parallel (or shall I call above?) to the Himalayas feels wonderful. Everest Base Camp Heli Tour Vs Mountain Flight to Everest is a frequent query among many travel enthusiasts. So we have tried comparing them to make things easier for you.


Perks of Everest Flight and Base Camp Tour

Flight to Everest offers the view of Mount Everest, Machhapuchhre, Ama Dablam, Mount Nuptse, Mount Lhotse, Gaurishankar, and many others. Also, you’ll witness magnificent vistas of the Gokyo valley, Gokyo Lakes, and Khumbu Glacier. Not to miss the lush green forest and snow-covered sugary landscapes.

Flight Duration

The Mountain Flight to Everest is about a one-hour flight that offers the aerial view of Everest. The trip begins and ends at the Tribhuvan International Airport.

However, the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour is an expanded form. The tour duration is about 3 to 4 hours which is longer than mountain flight. It involves landing at Lukla, Kala Patthar or Base Camp, and Everest View Hotel.


The views for both of the trips are similar. After all, it’s the same mountain ranges and valley, the same lakes and the glacier. However, the angle of view might be different. Mountain Flight is all about bird’s eye view above the mountain but the Base Camp Heli tour is about the parallel view. With the Base Camp Helicopter tour, you can witness the majestic mountain standing in your front while you can see the Everest from the top with a mountain flight. You can see more than 20 Himalayan on a clear day during your mountain flight.

Mountain Flight To Everest
Mountain Flight To Everest

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It’s obvious that you will not need to land anywhere during Mountain flight to Everest. But Everest Base Camp Heli Tour allows there landings: Lukla, Kala Patthar/ Everest Base Camp, and Everest View Hotel.

Risk of Altitude Sickness

The Heli tour to EBC includes landing at different points on Everest. Landing at Kala Patthar, 5643 meters increases the risk of altitude sickness, thus you can be their only for 10 minutes. The other landing is at Everest View Hotel, 3962 meters. You might also have some risks of altitude sickness here. Thus, for the Heli tour, be prepared for preventing altitude sickness.

But during Mountain Flight to Everest, there is no landing. So, it is not possible that you get altitude sickness inside a cozy flight.

Everest Photos

Taking the best photographs from the plane’s window while flying in a moving plane is challenging. You need to be an expert photographer and balance the lights and sinking with the movement of the plane. Yet, carrying short lenses and a circular polarizer can be helpful. They will be good enough for the best memories.

But in the Heli Tour that lands at various places you get time for perfect photography. Unlike in mountain flight, you can get the pictures in any way you wish. So, if you want some excellent shots of the Everest region, choose the Heli tour.

Mountain Flight to Everest

Mountain Flight to Everest
Mountain Flight to Everest cost

Mountain Flight to Everest is affordable than Everest Base Camp Heli Tour. You can enjoy the best aerial view of the Everest region via Mountain flight at affordable prices. Also, its easier to find new groups due to their popularity. You can find a new group and the cost of your flight will reduce.

Everest Base Camp Heli Tour is obviously expensive than the Everest Mountain flight as its longer and you get to the land of beautiful spots.

Special Cloth for everest

Make sure you have warm clothes for Everest Mountain flights. But it’s not important as there is no landing. You can wear whatever your body demands.

But as there is multiple landing during the Heli tour, you will need warm clothes. The Everest region is way colder and windy than Kathmandu, So, you will need special clothing for the times when you land.


Both tours are equally adventurous and rewarding. Experience of the Everest scenic view is going to be great. You will have a splendid time.

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