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Upper Dolpo Trekking Permits (Permits for both Upper Dolpo and Lower Dolpo)


You will need a special trekking permit and a guide for Upper Dolpo trekking.  Here is everything you will ever need to know about Upper Dolpo trek permit and lower Dolpo trek permit.

Getting to Dolpo IS NOT EASY,  but then, the high is worth the pain. Usually, trekkers are allowed to trek freely and solely in most parts of Nepal with a TIMS card. But there are a couple of restricted areas in this tiny control which is under the control of the government. Dolpo is one of among such controlled areas.


Why Is Upper Dolpo a Restricted Region?

Dolpo region is a remote area, undisturbed by the outside world. The interesting and unique culture of Dolpo is the wealth of the country and they need to be preserved. Also, the restriction is important to prevent ecological and biological deterioration.

The other reason is the remoteness of the place. If something goes slightly wrong, the trekkers would need instant assistance. There is not even the basic infrastructure in Dolpo and the geographical constraint make such supports unavailable at the time. So, only the licensed trek operators (trekking guides) are allowed to assist the trekkers who ensure trekkers’ safety to the Department of Immigration.

Upper Dolpo trek permit
Upper Dolpo trek permit

Upper Dolpo Permits?

Until 1989, no foreigners were allowed to Dolpo. After 1989, due to the request of tour operators, the Government allowed the area for trekking, with restriction.

Here, are the list of permits for trekking in Dolpo and other relevant information about the Dolpo trekking permits.

Learn about other costs, map and Itinerary for Upper Dolpo here.

Here, list of permits for treking in Dolpo and other relevant information about the Dolpo trekking permits.

Area Permit fee Where to get? When to get? Who will arrange?
Upper Dolpo USD $ 500 for first 10 days USD $ 50 extra for each additional day Department of Immigration of Nepal Before the trek Your tour operator
Lower Dolpo USD $ 10/ week Department of Immigration of Nepal Before the trek Your tour operator
Shey-Phoksundo National Park $30 plus 13 % VAT  Rs. 1,000 plus 13% VAT (SAARC nationals)
Crew members: Rs. 25
The entrance of the National Park During the trek Your tour operator
Dolpo Permits

Who Issues Dolpo Permits:

Department of Immigration of Nepal located in Kalikasthan, Dillibazar, Kathmandu issues the permit. Don’t mistake it with Tourism Board of Nepal.

How to get Upper Dolpo Permits?

Trekkers cannot apply for the permit on their own. First, you should contact an authorized (registered) trekking agency of Nepal, which will apply for your permit. Your trekking agency shall submit an application form with relevant documents.

Required documents:

•    Online application form

•    A copy of the passport of each trekker

•    Name lists of trekkers

•    A copy of trekkers visas ( which covers sufficient days for the trek)

•    Scheduled itinerary

•    A letter of guarantee from the tour operator

•    Insurance documents of trekkers and crew member

•    Trekkers agreement with the tour operator

•    Tour operator’s certificate of PAN number

•    Tour operator’s license

•    Tour operator’s tax clearance certificate

•    Voucher of permit fee payment

Note: There should be at least two trekkers for the trek accompanied by a licensed guide

Upper Dolpo trek permit
Upper Dolpo trek permit

Time Required to Get Dolpo Trek Permit

The Immigration Department remains open from 9 am to 5 pm except for Saturday. After the documents are submitted, the permit will be ready within 2-3 hours.

Dolpo Permit Card

The Upper Dolpo Permit cards will have information mentioned in the permit.

•    Name of the trekker

•    Permanent address

•    Nationality

•    Temporary address in Nepal

•    Date of Nepalese visa validity

•    Passport number

•    Place of trekking

•    Name of your tour operating agency

•    Point of starting and ending of the trek

•    Trekking permit number

•    Route of trekking and

•    Date of issue

•    A passport sized photo

•    rules and regulations which are to be followed  (Violation of any of those regulations result in immediate deporting or detention)

After the completion of the trek, the card should be returned to the Immigration Department or existing port.


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Happy Trekking!!

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