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Travel Insurance in Nepal: Travel Insurance to Nepal Price


Here, let me convince you to get a travel insurance in Nepal. Beacuse, without that, you might get in serious trouble.

So, let’s begin.

Nepal on the bucket list of every adventure lovers. The fanatic base camp trek is adventurous- both physically and emotionally and its equally rewarding. The memories made during the trek are lifetime wealth, but the risk of getting hurt is also equally prevailing. So, most of the travel companies do not accept your booking unless you have reliable travel insurance. Travel insurance in Nepal is important, especially travel insurance for high altitude trekking in Nepal is the most.

Here is the detail of Travel Insurance in Nepal. Major Considerations for Travel Insurance are:


Altitude Sickness:

The major risk during the base camp trek is due to the high altitude. Altitude can be dangerous to inexperienced trekkers- sometimes even to the fit ones. If your body is not well acclimatized to the higher elevation, you might get mountain sickness. And moving higher, such sickness can get severe. You need to know the symptoms and get prepared to cope with it.
Make sure your insurance covers the altitudes you will reach. (Note: Some companies do not cover helicopter rescue at certain altitudes). Helicopter rescues are the best option to be rescued during the trek if anything goes wrong. Altitude sickness in Nepal is pretty common.

Usually, general travel policies do not cover any risks associated above 3000m of altitude, but the highest point during the trek is 5643 meters at Kala Patthar. You will at least spend four days at altitudes above 4000 meters.

This is why you need you know about Everest Base Camp travel Insurance, Annapurna travel Insurance or any other similar insurance.

Trekking Accidents:

Base Camp treks is not a treacherous trek. But the high elevation can exacerbate any small risks. Even a twisted ankle, pulled a muscle, muscle sprains, or any existing ailment can get worse. Slipping and falling off the trail, mountain sickness, frost-bite e.t.c can occur during the trek. Also, there can be hazards like landslides, rockfalls, and avalanches.

Illness and Medical Evacuation:

Altitude sickness, hygiene and food-related illness, dehydration, diarrhea e.t.c is common in the Nepal. Its wise to consult with your regular doctor for all required medical recommendations before leaving for trekking.

Baggage Delayed, Lost or Theft:

Losing your baggage is probably the most common risks for any travelers which are also the most frustrating and stressful event. Your valuable belongings can be delayed or damaged and you will no longer have the vital gears and items that you need for trekking. So, let your insurance make them safe for you.

Trip Cancellation:

A trip plan may get cancelled due to the reasons that are beyond our control. After all, things don’t always go as we planned while traveling.

There are many cases of flight cancellation due to unpredictable weather and technical issues. In the worst case, this many make you cancel your entire trip. Thus, your insurance must cover such risks.

How much does Travel insurance in Nepal costs?

Travel Insurance can be done in your home country or in Nepal itself. Travel insurance in Nepal costs the travelers around $100-$150 USD. This costs us usually for three-week trip. This investment is very less in comparison to other trekking costs. Such insurance pays for helicopter evacuations worth Rs $5000 USD.

Pretty awesome deal!! HUH

Summing Up:

A helicopter rescue can cost you over USD 5,000 to USD 10,000 which is like breaking your bank. So, let your insurance cover that costs as well can cover a wide range of illness and necessary medical evacuations.

The trek to Base Camp and other high altitude region can bring many blissful moments and also a lot of challenges. Many unexpected happenings might give you a tough time. So, simply overcome such hindrances with complete travel insurance in Nepal.

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