Nepal travel tips

8 Nepal travel tips to make your first trek easy:


If Nepal has never been on your “to go” bucket list, re-make the list and put your hiking boots on. Give it a try and trust me, Nepal won’t disappoint you. And these Nepal travel tips will make your Nepal trip awesome. The stunning beauty of Himalayas, sounds of river flowing and the country’s peace-loving people would make your visit a once-in-a-lifetime memory. The unique tales from history and their spiritual beliefs makes it a place for fun and internal peace. But the trip for the virgins to Nepal is a lot easier with some simple knowledge and precautions. Here are a few Nepal travel tips.


Pick comfortable trek

The choices for trekking in Nepal are endless. I am not suggesting to try the easiest one, but try the one you are comfortable one. As the beginner, choose the packages that include enough assimilation life, quite a low altitude, and easy trail. This way, you will get to trek without getting ill and have enough time for the insights of local cultures and peoples.

Nepal travel tips
Nepal travel tips

Learn safety rules beforehand

When trekking, safety is most important! You need to think smart and act quickly. Know the place you would be going, a number of days over the places and all other necessary information. Spend some months prior to arriving in Kathmandu in such research. Basically, be prepared for the worst while you enjoy the best. This is the best Nepal travel tips you need before trekking.

Select right agency

A reputable government registered trekking agency is the biggest decision to make. Like any other developing country, Nepal also has a number of touts and scammers out there, so play it safe. Deal with an agency that has a government license and reasonable price. Here is a detail guide to Pick best trekking package.
Agency should make your stay prodigious, not ruin it.

Trek with a guide

Many trekking routes like Dolpo, Upper Mustang, Manaslu e.t.c require trekkers to get permits from the Department of Immigration that orders the trekkers to travel with an authorized experienced guide. Some other routes like Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, and Mardi Base Camp don’t make it compulsory, but it’s a wise idea to take one. With a guide, you don’t need more Nepal travel tips.

Trekking with guides is safer than going it alone in the Himalayas given the unpredictable trails and temperamental weather conditions.

Get ready for adjustments

When traveling to Nepal, especially high Himalayas, you might not always get a luxurious hotel and food of your choice. You should be able to adjust with the local people and their culture, food, and language. Nepal’s not definitely a first-world country and doesn’t expect first-world amenities.

Nepal travel tips

Physical preparation

Going on a trek in Nepal needs strong shanks. After all, these hikes last hours or several days and you need to cover a lot of distance. You’ll be pounding your feet at rough, cozy, no-frills trials. In such a scenario, some pain in shanks is obvious.

To minimize such strain, start your training regimen a few months in advance. Simply walking on stairs, cycling and easy treks in your home country would be enough. You can also train with a 10-pound backpack so your body gets used to carrying some weight over these long distances. Training to trek in Nepal in important.

Acclimatization- best Nepal travel tips

Take some time to acclimatize as trekkers experience altitude sickness when hiking at 3,000m above sea level. The key is to walk slowly and drink lots of water. If you feel dizzy or unwell, it’s best to consult with guides. They will have some medicine for shall contact the nearest hospital for you.

Travel Insurance

Let be give you the best Nepal travel tips- get your insurance. This one is extremely important- make sure your travel insurance covers any medical evacuations; you will need in the event of an emergence.

Finally when all the nitty-gritty mentioned above is taken care of, can you stuff your backpacks and jaunt off to Nepal. It is the best way to explore the most incredible sights here on the planet and experience Nepali hospitality.

Final Thoughts!

Contact us here to book your trip to any part of Nepal. We are here to make the best kind of travel arrangements for you. Hope this Nepal travel tips will make your stay better.

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