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Nepal in July weather: Trekking in Nepal in July


Trekking in Nepal in every season is pleasant due to its varied trekking routes and destinations. Generally, people do not prefer outdoor activities and adventurous activities during monsoon. Nepal in July weather marks the middle of Nepal’s monsoon. Trekking in Nepal in July i.e one of least visited month of the year has its own perks. Nepal climate in July is fun and there are things to see when it’s wet outside.

Heading for trekking or digging into the endless cultural sights and taking advantage of discount along the way makes the trekking in July amazing. Trekking in Nepal is summer is always prodigious as the climate in Himalayan region is still warm. Here is the detail of Trekking in Nepal in July: Weather, Trail, Crowd, and tips


Nepal in July weather:

Nepal’s climate not only differs according to the seasons but also as per the altitude- from Alpine climate in the mountain region to the subtropical in the Terai region. July is the warmest months of the year but the usual rains makes cool. Usually, the night receives the rainfall while day is sunny.

The southern belt of Nepal experiences warm and humid climate with the average day temperature up to 40°C. On the other hand, the hilly region, including Kathmandu has mild and pleasant weather with a temperature of about 25°C to 27°C. The northern region has an alpine climate with a temperature of about 20°C. Nepal in July weather is not that boring as the rain pours in evening only.

Nepal in July weather
Nepal in July weather

While the eastern part of Nepal gets maximum rainfall- up to 300 mm, the higher Himalayan region gets less rain. Although many of the trekking trails are muddy, there are some rain shadow areas which receive less rain. As the distribution of the rainfall varies as per the area, you can still trek in the region behind the Himalayan ranges which receive poor rainfall.

Highlights of trekking in July:

  • Witness different agriculture activates going on which may be interesting to you.
  • Since rains usually fall during the night, the skies are clearer by the next morning which offers an excellent view of the sunrise and mountains
  • As spring and Autumn are overcrowded and monsoon is considered off-season, monsoon trekking is slightly cheaper with a discount on accommodation.
  • Experience lush vegetation, and a cooler climate.

Best Destinations for Trekking in Nepal in July:

During July, you can explore the regions which fall under the rain shadow area. You can explore the landscape and cultural diversity of Nepal while trekking to the Upper Himalayan region. You might also go for Everest Base camp trek but considering harsh Nepal in July weather. Here are some popular places you can trek during July:

Annapurna Circuit Trek:

It is among the most popular trekking destinations in Nepal. The trek beings from Pokhara, the city of Lakes. The trek is relatively easy and the trekking trails are well marked. The lower region during the trek might get occasional rainfall, but the upper section lies in the rain shadow area, which makes the trek possible. Also, due to the off-season, the trekking trail is less crowded. Nepal in July weather ads fun to this spectacular trek. You might also go for Annapurna Base Camp trek.

Upper Mustang Trekking:

This region lies in the rain shadow area of Nepal. This means with a little for no rain, it’s the ideal place for monsoon treks. Also known as the “forbidden kingdom”, Upper Mustang has strict rules and needs a special permit. Since the area was ruled by the last monarch of Nepal, it’s also historically important. The area is popular for mountain caves and the monasteries, its dry arid land and Tibetan culture of the ethnic Buddhist inhabitants.

Jomsom trekking:

The trek to Jomsom is a part of Annapurna circuit trek. It is a famous destination for both national and international tourist. The Muktinath temple in the route is a famous pilgrimage site for Hindus and Buddhists. The visit to Muktinath temple is believed to provide “Moksh” to the devotees. Another Jomsom, you can trek to the famous destination of the region named Kagbeni. Nepal in July weather doesn’t have impact in the Jomsom region.

Nepal in July weather
Nepal in July weather

Upper Dolpo Trekking:

This is another restricted region is the northern part of Nepal. Just like an Upper Mustang trek, you will need a special permit issued by the Nepal government to enter the region. The region homes mostly of Tibetan people who still follow their century-old Tibetan culture and customs. The flora and fauna of the Shey Phoksundo Park also captivate many tourists to the region. The trail does not receive heavy rainfall due to the coverage by high mountains.


If you have the right choice of destination, trekking in Nepal in July is pleasant. And it’s cheap.Nepal in July weather makes the trek different and exciting.

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