Manaslu Circuit Trek in September, October & November
Trekking in Nepal

Manaslu Circuit Trek in September, October & November


Trekking is the most celebrated touristic activity in Nepal. The sheer options of trekking in Nepal can make every adventure junkie overwhelmed. Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of the well-known routes that welcomes thousands of tourists annually. The remoteness of this region and the untouched natural beauty is the focal point of Manaslu. There are still a few things to consider before you head for your trek – the most important one bring the weather. Each season brings a different effect in nature and you can prepare accordingly.

Here is the detail of Manaslu Circuit Trek in Autumn i.e Manaslu Circuit Trek in September, Manaslu Circuit Trek in October, Manaslu Circuit Trek in November.

The Autumn season i.e September, October, and November is generally said to be the best time for Manaslu trek. The autumn season brings a clear and bright sky along with the mild temperature. Thus it makes it a perfect season to trek while you enjoy the view of the mountains.


Highlights of Manaslu Circuit Trek in Autumn

  • Witness the unexplored hidden valleys of the Manaslu region
  • Explore the untouched natural beauty
  • Enjoy the adventurous and challenging in peace – the crowd is less
  • Trek in the Tibetan border on the north of the Manaslu
  • Trek to the antique monasteries, chortens, and gompas
  • Close view of 8th highest mountain in the world and other peaks such as Ngadi, Ganesh Himal, Simrang, Hiunchuli, and Larkey Peak.
  • Experience the lifestyle of the Tibetan Buddhist culture.
  • Explore Tsum Valley

Manaslu Circuit Trek in September

September marks the end of monsoon and the starting of Autumn. Thus you can experience mild rainfall during early September – usually during late afternoon or evening.

But by mid-September, rainfall clams and the temperature become mild. The sky offers a clearer view of the snow-peak mountains.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in October

October is, in fact, the best time to visit the Manaslu as the weather is mild and stable. The sky is clear and its neither too cold or too hot for trekking. The clear sky offers a great view of the snow cap mountains.

It is also the busiest month of the Autumn and is highly recommendable. The trail will be brimming with tourists and adventurers alike. You might have to pre-book your transportation and accommodations.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in November

November marks the ending of the Autumn season. It’s still a perfect time for trekking but the later days get colder and drier. It is also the driest month of the Autumn season when the temperature starts to fall.

Pros and Cons of Manaslu Circuit Trek During Autumn

Month Pros Cons
September ♦ You get to experience two seasons in the same month ♦Fewer crowds ♦ Rain might make the trail slippery and dangerous
October ♦ The ideal temperature for trekking while enjoying clear sky and amazing scenery ♦ Peak crowd season so you must pre-booking for good transportation and accommodation
November ♦ Clear skies with a perfect view and the temperature start to cool ♦ The temperature starts to drops and it gets colder

Trekking Permit for Manaslu Circuit Trek During Autumn

Since Manaslu is a restricted region, you will need the following permits, to enter in the restricted area:

  • Special Restricted Area Permit for Manaslu (Manaslu RAP)
  • Annapurna Conservation Area Project permit (ACAP Permit)
  • Manaslu Conservation Area Project Permit (MCAP Permit)
  • TSUM Valley Restricted Area Permit ( if you want to do Manaslu Circuit with Tsum Valley

Perks of Manaslu Circuit Trek in Autumn

  • Trek in Moderate Temperature
  • Enjoy the full beauty of Autumn season
  • Less risk of leeches, bugs, and mosquitoes in the trails.
  • Enjoy the major festival of Nepal like Dashain

Drawbacks of Manaslu Circuit Trek in Autumn

  • Peak crowd season
  • Increase in price of accommodation
  • Pre-booking should be done


Manaslu Circuit Trek the remote and underrated trekking trails of Nepal yet offers the most beautiful memory. You can enjoy the natural beauty and the unique tradition in the region as it makes cheaper alternatives to more classic treks.

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