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Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost: A detailed report


Nepal is a heavenly paradise gifted with a lot of natural resources. Especially when it comes to mountaineering, there are 8 mountains above 8000m in Nepal. And many of these Himalayans have created many trekking routes in Nepal. Among them, Manaslu Circuit trek is an up growing trekking trail of Nepal. Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost is low, but the fun is prodigious.

\Manaslu is the 8th tallest peak in the world. The area has unexplored paths and trails which is rich in scenic beauty. The region is full of ethnic and endangered flora and fauna. You can enjoy the peaceful, less crowded trek even in the peak season and explore the beauty of nature, art, and Nepalese-Tibetan culture all by yourself. Also, thankfully it is also quite less expensive than other running treks. Here is the detail report of Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost

Following are the Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost


Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost for Transportation:

You can start the trek either from Arughat or Sotikhola. You can either take a private jeep (which is preferable) or a local bus. The local bus cost less than $10 per person but it’s quite crowded. Jeeps cost approx 150 to 200 USD (jeep accommodates 7 people).

At the end of the trek, you can also take a jeep or a local bus to Kathmandu. Between Tal and Besisahar you can take local jeeps which cost 10$ for tourist and 6$ for Nepalese. Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost is low if you take a bus.

Manaslu Circuit Permit cost

Since the Manaslu region has been announced as a special region for its preservation you need the permits from Nepal government before entering the region. You will compulsorily need a special permit issued by Government. These permits are

  • Manaslu Restricted Permit
  • Manaslu Conservation Area Permit
  • Annapurna Conservation Area Permit
  • Tsum Valley Restricted Permit (only if you plan to enter Tsum valley)

NOTE: You will not need a Trekking Information Management System card for the special trekking permits.

Manaslu Restricted Permit issued by Government cost 70 USD per week + 10 USD per extra day (September to November) 50 USD per week + 7 USD per extra day for another month.

For MCAP & ACAP, the cost is $20 per person. To enter the TSUM Valley the cost during the trek is $35 per week per person. Since getting all these on your own will be hectic you can contact the trekking agency. Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost for permit can be quite high.

Manaslu Circuit Guide Costs:

As per the rule insists, you will need at least one authorized person (guide) from Nepal trekking association for the trek. A professional guide charges $25 to 30 per day which includes the guide’s food and accommodation. The cost of hiring a porter is $15 to 20 a day.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost for accommodation:

Manaslu region is known for the high Himalayas and ethnic local culture with unique housing. Nowadays, trek to Manaslu region is also known as tea- house trek.

The cost for one twin sharing room is $6 to $9 a night. The cost is slightly low during the off-season. For the camping trekking, you need to make a special request to the trekking agency.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost for food :

No good transportation is available in the Manaslu region till the date. So every food material in this region is carried by a man and mules. This with the increase in elevation, the price of food also goes high. With an increase in altitude, the cost of food also increases. Thus budget yourself roughly 5 USD per meal. Know about all the packing lists.

A bottle of water and soda will cost you USD 0.5 to USD 4. The cost of a cup of tea is around USD 1.5- 4. You are recommended not to have coffee and alcoholic beverages during the trek.

Other miscellaneous costs:

Miscellaneous cost includes charging your gadgets, hot shower, bonfire cost, wifi, tips etc. So, you need to be pre-prepared for these things.

Also, to add when you visit monasteries, gumbas or stupas, they might expect a bit donation for the maintenance of the area. And your porter and guide expect tips from you. You should know about the packing lists as it effects your total costs.

Total cost for Manaslu circuit trek:

The trek cost depends upon your itinerary, number of people in groups and your food habit. Different travel agencies have their own different cost which may range from 2000 USD to 1350 USD for 20 days trek.

But, our organization arranges Manaslu trek for a cheaper price. For further information, you can Contact Us. Book your trip for a pleasurable trekking experience.

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