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Island Peak Climbing Cost: A Detail Report


Island Peak (also called Imja Tse), a 6,189m peak is the busiest one in the Everest region. It is one of the most adventurous climbs which is going to make your blood warm out of thrill. After all, it’s also the toughest peak climbing peaks in the Everest Region resting in the Khumbu Himalayan range. The cost of climbing Island Peak is USD 2029 which also includes a trip to Everest Base Camp Trek. Here is Island Peak Climbing Cost: A detail report.

The climbing trek to Island Peak follows the classic base camp route up to Dingboche. Further, you will get to walk across the Sherpa villages before climbing the Island Peak. And the best part is Chukhung, a small beautiful village below the Island peak which is a gateway to the Peak.


Cost of Island Peak Climbing

This strenuous climb to the Island Peak requires not only strong physical stamina but also budget strength. The cost of climbing the peak is always higher than a simple trek. And the cost of climbing Island Peak depends on a number of factors such as :

  • The Route you choose
  • Itinerary you design
  • Climbing permits to enter the region of your route
  • The accommodation you choose along the route
  • The food and drinks choices you make on the route
  • The mode you enter Everest region
  • Costs you spend on camping and tents
  • Cost of hiring a guide, porters, and camping staff
  • The trekking gears you choose
  • Other expenditures

Permit Cost

Local Area Permit: Local area permit costs USD 20 (whichever season you choose for this adventurous trip).

Climbing Permit: The cost of the climbing permit differs as per the season. During Spring (March-May), it costs USD 250 for the permit per person.

During the Autumn season ( September – November), it costs USD 125 per person.

For Summer (June – August) and winter (December – February), it costs USD 70 per person.

Climbing Cost on the Basis of Route

The longer your route is, the higher your climbing cost will go. Thus, if you opt for the only Island Peak Climbing, your climbing cost will be lesser. Otherwise, the trip combined with EBC trek costs more than USD 2000 per person.

Cost for Accommodation

Like all other treks, Island Peak Climbing trip starts from Kathmandu. There are different hotels and lodges for comfortable accommodations which cost USD 15 – USD 250 per night. It depends on the luxury you wish.

When entering the Everest region, you will find enough tea houses for your stay. They are as cheap as USD 2 – USD 6 per night. There are also a few luxurious hotels in the route to Everest Base Camp which increases your cost.

From Island Peak Base Camp, it’s all about camping – you will spend nights in the tents under the dazzling stars.

Food and Drinks Cost

The choices of food and drinks are uncountable in Kathmandu. For a general meal, the cost ranges somewhere between USD 2 – USD 30.

But once you are in the Everest region, the food and drink choices get limited and you will have to pay around USD 4 – USD 8 for the food items. The Nepali staple food Dal Bhat Tarkari is the most available option while you can also get Momo, Chowmein, noodles, bread, lentils, fried rice and the like.

Also, you can choose from tea, coffee, and hot water which costs USD 0.5 to USD 3. The cost varies as per the season.

Transportation Cost

The best option, i.e flight to Lukla costs around USD 147 – USD 217. The plane ticket also depends upon the season.

The other available option is a bus ride from Kathmandu to Jiri which costs USD 5 – USD 7, and trek from there to Lukla.

Porters and Guides Costs

Island Trek climbing is a strenuous climb that prohibits solo climbing. So, you should approach a licensed trekking company along with the allocated field staff.

Porter: A porter carries around 25 kg of the load. The cost of hiring a porter is USD 15 per day.

Guide: A professional trekking guide helps you to locate the trails, booking the accommodations and also ensure your safety. Hiring a guide cost around USD 25 per day.

Island Peak Climbing guide: For this climbing trip you will need an experienced climbing guide who needs to be paid USD 325 for each peak climbing.

Assistant guide: Also, you will need an assistant guide who needs to be paid USD 18 – USD 22 per day.

Cost of Necessary Gears

  • Climbing Harness: USD 50 – 60
  • Abseil Belay device: USD 8 – 36
  • Accessory Cord: USD 5 – 10 per meter
  • Ascender and Leash: USD 25 – 70
  • Ice Axe: USD 80 – 150
  • Locking Carabiners: USD 8 -12
  • Crampons: USD 8 – 15
  • Trekking Poles: USD 20 – 60
  • Climbing Helmet: USD 40 – 200
  • Trekking Poles: USD 20 – 60
  • Ski Goggles: USD 80 – 150
  • Glacier Sunglasses: USD 50 – 65
  • Oximeter: USD 14 – 22

You can buy or rent these items in Kathmandu. To rent costs around USD 1 – 10 per item per day.

Additional Expenses

  • Expenses for bottled or canned drinks on the trek.
  • You may have expenses for laundry or gift shopping too.
  • Tip for the staff of around $100 for Island Peak Climbing.
  • Island Peak Climbing needs basic mountaineering experience i.e you might have to take the training which can be expensive.

Sum Up

Island Peak Climbing is a lifetime adventure – the fun, exotic feelings that give adrenaline rush you. This 17 to 20 days trip collects the memories of a lifetime.

Contact us for any queries and let us customize the trip for you.

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