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Best Homestay Nepal: Where to go for best homestay experience?


You might have a luxurious night in a hotel as their costumer. But over homestay in Nepal , you will be their guest for a night. And as they say “Atthithi Deva Bhawa” in Nepal, which means Guest are gods. In a community homestay Nepal, instead of being a customer you can be welcomed as a guest and be a part of Nepalese culture for a day. If you want to know why its better than hotel read this.

Since a couple of years, homestay is getting very popular in Nepal for their hospitality and management. During your stay in Nepal, you should obviously try some of there. Here is the list of famous homestay Nepal.


Kaule Pani homestay Lamjung:

Kauli Pani, also named “mirror village” offers a clear view of many Himalayan ranges as Annapurna, Macchapuchre, Annapurna south,etc.
This is the most beautiful homestay location Nepal could offer. If I remember right, it was also awarded as best homestay in Nepal last year. Every little detail inside the village is well managed and lively. The Gurung community is located on the hilltop operates the homestay Nepal in a very systematic way. On your entry, they welcome you with welcome snacks, local drink, and culture performance. In the dinner, they serve you with rice, dal, meat, pickle, and vegetables. You will get the breakfast including egg, pulses and special “kodo ko sel roti”. Thankfully, the rooms are clean and spacious.

Kauli Pani is about an hour drive from Besisahar. Besisahar is 6 hours drive from the capital.

Homestay in Nepal
Homestay Nepal

Ghale Ghau homestay Nepal:

It is another prodigious home stay in Nepal which is very famous. This village is a Gurung settlement with its ethnic culture preserved. They organize occasional culture program, celebrate their local festival and welcomes guest in their home. It’s been the major tourist destination of Lamjung district nowadays. The view of Annapurna, Macchapuchre, Annapurna south is also clear and you can witness the beautiful sunrise.

You can taste local dal, rice, and meat of Local chicken and local drink. You can also learn their language and culture. Ghale Ghau is about an hour drive from Besisahar. Besisahar is 6 hours drive from the capital.

Ghandruk homestay:

You must have heard this name earlier. It’s a beautiful village in the hilltop of Kaski. Well, I won’t say it’s close to Pokhara, it’s about 4 hours of drive from the valley. But the time is worth to spend a night in Ghandruk. You can get a private or public vehicle to the place. Ghadruk can be the best Homestay Nepal.

The place not just offers a great reflection of Nepalese culture and tradition, but also great food and room. The view of Annapurna and Fishtail is just stunning- it looks even better during sunrise and sunset. There are also two museums in the area that you can visit.

Balthali Village homestay Bhaktapur:

Standing just beyond Panauti, Balthali is 40 Km away from Kathmandu. This small sleepy settlement rests at the junction of Ladku Khola and Roshi. Balthali Village is a perfect place for isolation and relaxation. You will be surrounded by the typical Nepali countryside with ochre thatched farmhouses and terraced rice fields. You can witness the snowy peaks of Langtang, Dorjee Lhakpa, and other mountain ranges. The backyard is dominated by lush green Maharabharat Range. This is a perfect place to find out what nature does to your soul. Close to capital, this is the major Homestay Nepal.

The village has also great management for the accommodation and food for its guest.

Machapuchre Village homestay:

Near to Pokhara Village, there’s a beautiful village named “Ghachowk”. The village rests peacefully in the lap of Mount Machapuchre (Fistail). The area is calm and peaceful, away from the noise and pollution of the city.

Each home has one or two rooms separated for the guest as a homestay. The best part is the locally grown organic food served to the guest.

Panauti Homestay Bhaktapur:

Located just 32 kilometers from the capital, Panauti is a prodigious place to spend a night. It is probably the closest one from the valley, yet very beautiful. Panauti is a Newar settlement that reflects the typical culture of Nepal. And if you are lucky, you might be celebrating one of their festivals.

The women’s in Panauti are especially focused on the promotion of homestay. Each home offers either one or two bedrooms,a great dinner, and a breakfast.

Homestay in Nepal
Homestay Nepal

Sirubari homestay Nepal:

The Sirubari Village is a perfect place for visitors for the first-hand experience in villages of Nepal. It’s a pristine Gurung village in Syangja district of Nepal. A short drive and walk from Pokhara lead us to Sirubari. Throughout the year, the climate is pleasant and the hill looks beautiful. This is the most popular Homestay Nepal near capital.

The place is well-known for its hospitality and great food. It’s a great way to explore the local life of Nepali people. The houses are built from local materials which look stunning and are also comfortable.


We can arrange your homestay in any part of Nepal. Please contact us and let us make your experience awesome.

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