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Homestay in Nepal: are home better than hotels?


It’s just been a couple of years when Homestay in Nepal became the heart of the local economy. It provides a closer look at the life of people as you experience the authentic Nepalese lifestyle. Nepal is traditionally and culturally rich with remote villages in much of the part. Unlike Kathmandu and Pokhara, villages preserve the Nepalese culture in the purest form. Homestay tourism in Nepal is the latest but a great activity for Nepalese. In a homestay, you will explore the real Nepal that lies aside from the crowd and smog of the city. Here are the reasons why Homestay in Nepal is the best place to stay over hotels.


Explore homestay in Nepal:

Homestay is best to explore the traditional lifestyle of Nepali people in the villages. The rural people are the real archivist of Nepal and you can get to live that part of their life for a day.
Dive into nature’s art pool for some days as you live the life of those native. Believe me, the way of their distinctive living you make you amused. Those lessons will have a part of your history book that you will never get to learn elsewhere in the world.

Taste authentic food

Taste of all Nepali cuisine in the five-star restaurants are so manipulated that the real taste of these foods is gone. You will get to eat the food made in fire woods with locally grown vegetables and cereals. They will also serve the foods prepared during the festivals and occasions if you make the special request.

Try the local custom

In a homestay, you can not only observe the local men and women wearing unique dresses, you can also try them on. Different parts of Nepal have distinct customs as per their caste. You can make queries to your host about those dresses and also ask if you could try them.


To uplift the local economy

Homestay in Nepal aids to uplift the local economy. While tourism has been a significant source of Nepalese revenue, the local economy hasn’t been the one benefit from those programs. But homestay ensures the promotion of the local economy.

It is safe

While the hotels and restaurants can be unsafe for solo tourists, homestay is rather safe. The locals in villages have a simple life in a peaceful community that is untouched of any fabrication. Besides, warm hospitality homestay will make you feel safe. Homestay in Nepal is actually safe.

Good Value

While your basic comforts won’t be comprised in a homestay, they are rather cheap. Your host will provide you the best they can offer to assure your comfort in their home.

Learn the language

I get that you cannot learn the entire local language in a day, but just a few words of that one will be fun. There are 123 different languages in Nepal spoken all over the country. You cannot just learn the Nepali language; you can also learn a few ethnic languages. Homestay in Nepal can be great places to learn local language.

You won’t feel lonely

Homestay can be said a home away from home. Even if you travel alone, they won’t let you feel lonely. Getting to know the people, finding out their way of life and participating yourself in their culture will be fun. If you stay there for a couple of days, you can also make new friends and involve yourself in their community.

Women and Children Empowerment

Unknowingly, your night stay can actually empower women and children.
The Homestay program is providing Rular opportunity a new to face the world. They are being the part of the family economy by their contribution in homestay and thus making her confidant. In addition, their children will also get an opportunity to get exposure to the outside world. Homestay in Nepal contribute for better economy.

Environmental Awareness

Homestay project is more concern about the environment and its resources. This will indirectly lead them to become responsible towards the environment, safety and hygiene.

To Sum up,

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