High Pass Treks in Nepal
Trekking in Nepal

High Pass Treks in Nepal


Nepal has many unique and adventurous trekking routes that take you closer to the mountains of Nepal. These amusing trekking trails to the Himalayas are the best adventures in the world. Many of those trails get even more amazing with the snow-capped high passes along the way while other trails take you to the base camp of majestic Himalayas camps. Most of the high passes trails are formed as a loop trek which are more adventures than straight routes. Here is the information about different High Pass Treks in Nepal – High Pass Treks in Nepal with Annapurna Trek, High Pass Treks in Nepal with Everest Base Camp, High Pass Treks in Nepal with Manaslu Trek, High Pass Treks in Nepal with Upper Dolpo Trek and more.


High Pass Treks in Nepal with Annapurna Trek

Annapurna Circuit trek is among the most popular trekking routes in Nepal that can be completed in 21 days. Normally the route begins from Besishar, Lamjung.

The most popular high Pass in the Annapurna region is known as Thorang-La Pass (5416 Meters). In about 8 hours, you can cross this tail without using any special crampons and ice axe.

The trekkers also have options to drive back to Pokhara or take adventure walk via Natural hot spring or include Poon Hill in the trek.

High Pass Treks with Everest Base Camp Cho-La Pass Trek

Besides the normal route, Everest Base Camp Trek can be done with Cho-la Pass Trek.

You can either do Cho-la Pass Trek clockwise (Cho-la Pass first) or anticlockwise (Everest Base Camp first). The Height of this pass is 5420 Meters which is about approximately 8 hours walk from Dzongla to Thangna. Thankfully, you don’t need Ice axes and crampons for this pass.

The Cho-la Pass Trek begins after 30 Minutes flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. And after 14 to 16 days of the trek, you will get back to Kathmandu. Exploring high Himalaya’s beauty, Learning about Sherpa culture and their Lifestyle while exploring the diverse flora and fauna is the highlight of this trek.

High Pass Treks with Manaslu Circuit Trek

With the increasing number of tourists, the cultural beauty of the Annapurna and Everest region is decreasing. And that is why tourists are looking for something unexplored within the landscape of the Manaslu region. Manaslu trek begins from Aarughat ( 7 to 8 hours driving from Kathmandu) or Soti Khola or Aarkhet.

The loop trek to Manaslu is getting in the wilderness with excellent views each moment. The total trekking time is 14 to 16 days.

The Larkya-la High Pass, 5100 Meters demands around 8 hours of walking. You don’t need any climbing skills and equipment other than determination.

High Pass Treks in Nepal with Upper Dolpo Trek

This is one of the unique and challenging trekking trails in the far northern part of Nepal. The Dolpo is the remote region of Nepal that is close to Tibet. The trek begins with flying from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj for about 50 minutes and then after flying to Juphal – 30 minutes flights. The trek is fully camping where you need to arrange all food and a tent.

Shey-la (also called Geln La) is a 5000 meters high pass inside Upper Dolpo trek. Further, there are also other passes like Kagmara-la (5115 meters), Numa-la (5360 Meters), Baga-la pass (5090 Meters). These passes also do not need any skills, ice axes and crampons.

High Pass Treks with Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek

Dhaulagiri Circuit is the most remote and adventurous loop high pass trek in Nepal. Unlike all other high passes of Nepal, High pass treks in Dhaulagiri circuit trek needs some normal climbing skills and equipment like crampons and ice axe.

The Circuit trek route begins from Beni, three hours driving from Pokhara and passes through rocky steps, rivers and Glaciers. There is a French Pass 5,234 meters which is among a few technical passes that offer splendid views each moment.

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