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Mardi Himal Trek Nepal- Mardi Base Camp Weather and Temperature:


Before actually heading for any trek, it’s important to know about the weather and temperature of those regions. Especially when you are in Nepal, where the weather fluctuates with a small change in altitude, it’s crucial. If you are thinking of Mardi Himal Trek Nepal, it’s very important that you collect all the necessary information about the trek as. After all, the climate of any place makes a huge difference in your trekking experience. The chill and the snow, freshness and the greenery of the Mardi Himal Base Camp Trek mold your trip into an adventure. Here is everything about Mardi Himal Trek Nepal weather and temperature.


Mardi Himal Trek Nepal

Nepal is blessed with pleasant weather round the year. Not just 4, but the classic Gurus has divided the season of Nepal into 6 parts- Rainy and Pre-winter added into the list. Here is the brief about the weather of Mardi Base Camp during four different seasons.

Mardi Himal trek in Spring

Spring, March–May is the best time to unleash the true beauty of Nepal. It is the color of the flora attracts a large number of travelers in spring. Spring creates a picturesque foreground for the prodigious mountain vistas. The clear blue sky with the easy sight of the mountain is simply spellbinding.
March-May has an average temperature of 17 degrees, which may rise up to 20 degrees. Mornings and nights are no longer freezing, making it a perfect time for trekking to the Base Camp. Here is the Mardi Himal Trek Map.
The blooming Rhododendron forest, all the way to the top and the rich biodiversity makes everything spectacular.

Mardi Himal Trek Nepal
Mardi Himal Trek Nepal

Mardi Himal Trek in Monsoon

June indicates the arrival of summer which continues till August. Summer in Nepal is also a monsoon season and Pokhara- the wetland of Nepal, downpours the rain like no other place. But once the sky is don’t throwing up, the weather clears and your eyes can capture the spectacular views.
Enjoy the peace and serenity by yourself, there will be very fewer visitors to take away your silence. And the undivided attention of tea-houses, along with some amazing discounts makes it even better.

How much does the trek costs? Read here.

The average temperature is up to 10 to 23 degrees, which may go down to 5-10 degrees in the mornings and evenings.But the slippery trail, leaches, and some other insects might make it tough. Get prepare to keep them off your ways.

Mardi Himal Base Camp Autumn

Autumn is the most crowded time of the year in Nepal and Mardi Himal Base Camp is not an exception. Mardi Himal Trek Nepal in Autumn is just awesome.

The summer monsoon just goes way and winter is coming (it’s not here yet). The view of sunrise and sunset are absolutely breathtaking and the mountain vistas glowing yellow will leave you breathless.
The temperature is around 20-degree Celsius during the day, it might drop to 5 degrees during the night.

September might have some drizzles of rain, October is the best and November needs some extra set of the jacket.

Here is how you can trek Mardi Himal without a guide.

Mardi Himal Trek Nepal
Mardi Himal Trek Nepal

Mardi Himal Trek Winter


December to February in Mardi is freezing cold- the temperature is below zero degrees. The temperature drops down by 5-degree Celsius after you climb every 1000 meters.

But just imagine getting covered by white glimmering snow all over. Isn’t that amazing? (if you think it isn’t, winter is probably not your time). The view of the mountains is awe-striking and there are negligible chances of rain.

The trekking trail is definitely not crowded and you can choose the best possible accommodation. But hey you, you need Crampons and thick insulating jackets, as well as sleeping bags are highly suggested.


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