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Agritourism Nepal is recently being famous. here is a story of complete Eastern Nepal Tour Package that will guide you through the whole whole eastern region of Nepal.

Traveling is always in the wish list of everyone. We all are extremely fond of exploring new places. Only the thought of traveling with our loved ones entice us. We become restless due to the enthusiasm of visiting new places even prior to the commencement of the journey. I don’t know if it implies for all, but it definitely happens to me. This hyper excitement initiated from the 1st outdoor picnic in the school to tours and visits of a university is still the same.

Every travel story is special in its own way. And, here I am going to share my beautiful travel experience of Eastern Nepal Tour. Every year our university, AFU organizes this tour for students of BSc.Ag 5th semester with the view to help them explore different places that might not be in their bucket list. It helps students to gain practical knowledge by being acquainted with many new places either it is research centers, religious places, or famous tourist spots.


Tour Preparations

Eastern Nepal Tour Package
Eastern Nepal Tour Package

Tours are always exciting and what adds more fun is the preparations. Our tour was for 10 days long, so our hustle and bustle was no less. One day before the tour was the most hectic one. That whole day we were busy selecting and discarding stuff to pack. Eventually, after finishing packing our bag packs, we were off to bed.

Though we were all exhausted from the preparations, our excitement for the tour didn’t let us have our beauty sleep. Somehow time flew and it was 5 am in the morning. Then we got ready and in no time we were on our college premises (CNRM, Puranchaur).

 We were 50 students so our college had arranged 2 buses for our trip. Our college had also assigned 2 college staff for our guidance during the tour. And finally, we started our journey at around 6:30 am.

They say, no amusement comes without an obstacle. So our fun was meddled by a hindrance. The driver of the reserved bus denied taking us any further due to some unavoidable circumstances. Our staffs were tackling the barrier, while we decided to turn that problematic atmosphere into a delight.

Fortunately, there was a waterfall nearby, so we all headed there and enjoyed cool water and fresh breeze of wind. That cascade cast off all our stress. Frown faces some time ago were now wide open to joys. After some time our problem was solved and we resumed our journey.

Traveling with mates is always the best. We become reckless youngsters with our buddies. This attitude aided us in rejoicing everything that our journey had to offer. With the progression of our journey, our fun was also mounting up. Our bus was literally transformed into a dancing platform.

Sarlahi Nepal

We all were singing and dancing and enjoying the joyful atmosphere. After 13hrs of long travel on the bus, we finally reached our destination for the day, Sarlahi. Afterward, our staff fixed 2 hotels for girls and boys each. Then we strode toward our hotel. The hotel was kind of but all we wanted was some food and rest.

They say, nothing tastes better than the food we get when we are hungry. Our hunger made the food so delicious that we were licking our fingers and eating until our belly turned to the balloon. Then we were off to bed. But our obstacle wasn’t over yet. Despite the cool season, swarms of mosquitoes were roaming around us. Somehow we managed to sleep overcoming all our barriers.

The next day with the rising sun, we woke up and got ready looking forward to the thrill we were about to have. Then we headed toward the 1st visiting spot of the day, Oilseed Research Farm, Nawalpur, Sarlahi. What place could be better for Agritourism Nepal? There we observed different varieties of oilseed crops grown in Nepal. Different seed production and varietal conservation trials were ongoing over there, so we took a short tour of the farm and soon moved forward for the next spot Tropical Horticulture Research Farm, Nawalpur, Sarlahi.

It is the biggest research farm in Nepal from where the double-track system in Nepalese agriculture was initiated. There were well-managed fruit orchards, flowers, and vegetable nursery where different trials were being conducted. We were fascinated by the beautiful landscape they created. After taking a brief tour of the farm and adding up some knowledge of dragon fruit, avocado, and other nutritive fruits we bid farewell to the farm and directed toward our next stop, Koshi Barrage.

Koshi Barrage visit

As we reached the initial point of the sluice, we got off from our bus and decided to walk 1150m long barrage. The sluice which we used to see in the news was right in front of us. We were so overwhelmed about being there. 56 sluices which are the savior of people’s lives from devastating floods looked so immense.

So, we stood and quietly contemplated the splendid view that lay before us. After acknowledging the scene for a while, we moved forward towards the edge of the barrage. There were many stalls around, and our hungry tummy was urging for yummy snacks. So we entered one and had some tasty fishes of the Koshi river. Afterward, we got back to our bus and as soon as we resumed our journey, we passed by Das Gaja ( No man’s land). 

Only the view of Das Gaja triggered our patriotism. And it became our hot topic for most of the way. Eventually, we reached Itahari, the final stop of the day, and called the day off.

Itahari Nepal- Agritourism Nepal

The 3rd day started with the visit to Regional Agriculture Research Station, Tarahara, Itahari. There we acquire some knowledge on rearing and caring of different breeds of buffalo, swine, poultry, and many more that which were being nurtured on the farm.

Ithari, Nepal
Ithari, Nepal

Thereafter, we directed toward our next stop- Dharan. We wandered around the bazaar for a while and then strode towards Pakhribas Research Station, Dhankuta. This station somewhat resembled the Regional Research Station of Lumle. We sum up our knowledge by being instructed by the head of the station and by taking a brief tour of the farm. Then we returned back to the Hile Bazaar, Dhankuta. This was a fruitful place for Agritourism Nepal.

We strolled around the bazaar which was shimmering in the lights. We did some sightseeing and returned back to the hotel. The weather was so cool, so after dining up we decided to have a campfire. Meanwhile, the hotel owner offered us Tongba, a famous local liquor. We all decided to take a sip. We also prepared some barbeque to mount up the fun. Then we all got gathered around the campfire and started singing and dancing and enjoyed the jolly atmosphere.

Let us know if we can book you trek here.

Dharan Nepal

Dharan Budha Subba mandir
Dharan Budha Subba mandir

The next morning, we were back to Dharan, for we planned to visit the shrine of Eastern Nepal, BudhaSubba Temple. The holy place was quite crowded while we reached there, however, we made our way and venerated the lord BudhaSubba and his sister whose temple was right next to his. Then, we tied the sacred threads to the bamboo asking for the utmost blessings of the god and goddess.

This temple is famous for its unique tip with fewer bamboos. Tips of these bamboos are believed to be broken by a shot of slingshot of lord BudhaSubba. We walked around the temple and the vibes were magical. Afterward, we resumed our journey as we had a long way to go as our ultimate stop for the day was Ilam.

Ilam visit

Illam Nepal
Illam Nepal

The following morning, cool breeze and warm sun rays awaken us in the hotel room of Pashupatinagar. The weather was very cold, so was water. The freezing water was making our morning ritual difficult. However, all these problems seemed to disappear when we started talking about today’s destination Darjeeling( The queen of hills). We were earnestly looking forward to the day. Agritourism in Illam Nepal is fruitful.


Now, we had to discard our buses as the vehicle with the Nepali number plate wasn’t allowed in Darjeeling. So we hired sumo with the number plate of West Bengal and started our India tour. In no time, we were in Pashupatifatak, a gateway to Darjeeling.

Firstly, we stopped at the tea estate of Darjeeling. The landscape was splendid. We enjoyed the greenery and we clicked on many photographs. Then, we moved forward for our next stop, Mirik lake. The lake was so calm and beautiful. We walked around the lake rejoicing the peaceful environment. It was worth being there.

After that, we headed toward the Batasia loop. In this magnificent loop, the toy train of Darjeeling Himalayan Railway makes a complete turn and lower its gradient. There, many of us got a chance to get on the train for the first time. So, we all were very excited. Hilariously, we all were clicking pictures in the weird Bollywood poses. There was a war memorial at the center of the loop garden which was created to honor and to serve as a memorial for the Gorkha Soldiers of Darjeeling who sacrificed their lives in wars after India’s independence. 

We observed the spectacular view of Darjeeling town with Kanchenjunga and other mountains from the loop. Afterward, we directed toward Chowrasta market. Right in the entrance, we were welcomed by the beautiful fountain. And as we moved ahead we were delighted to see the beautiful golden colored statue of AadikabiBhanu Bhakta Aacharya. We roamed around the market and did lots of shopping. Lastly, we returned to our hotel and called it a day.

The next morning, we were early to rise as we had to see the sunrise from the tiger hill. We reached the tiger hill at around 5:40 am thereafter, we sought the convenient spot to see the sunrise. After waiting for about half an hour we got to see the 1st rays of sun hitting twin peaks of Kanchenjunga along with Everest in its side. This panoramic view of mountains along with the beautiful sunrise was terrific.

Although this was not the part of our Agritourism Nepal tour, it was definitely fun.


Tsongmu lake sikkim
Tsongmu lake sikkim

Then we were off to Sikkim. As soon as we reached Gangtok, our hotel was fixed and we directly went there. After having a meal and enough rest, we decided to take a tour around the city. The city looked mesmerizing in the dazzling lights.

As we were strolling around, we passed by Big Bazaar, Domino’s, Syprus plaza, etc. which we used to see on TV. We had pizza in the Domino’s for the first time and it was really yum. Then we went to a very famous MG road. It was quite crowded and everyone was hovering around the statue of the Mahatma Gandhi. We waited for a while to click the picture over there and again started wandering around. The shimmering lights were doing a marvelous job to the city’s beauty and we were admiring it.

The following morning, we headed toward the Tsomgo lake which we were eagerly waiting for. As we reached there we were all pleased to see the beautiful lake. It was so calm yet invigorating. We contemplated the panoramic beauty of the surrounding mountains and the lake, and it felt as if it led us to tranquility. Then we did yak riding and it was so much fun. Thereafter, we returned back to Gangtok and did sightseeing in different beautiful spots. Then we returned back to Ilam where our buses were waiting for us.

Next, morning, we went shopping locally famous products around Pashupatinagar. Then we moved forward to the tea estate of Ilam. The landscape was fascinating. It felt as if we were indulging ourselves with the delightful greenery. We had a great time there. Afterward, we returned back to Itahari and strode towards the Jogbani area for some shopping. The stuff was relatively cheaper so everyone was hustling to shop more. After finishing shopping we continued our journey and end up in Lahan.

Janakpur, Nepal

Following morning, we were off to Janakpur. We reached Janaki Mandir at around 8 am. We were enchanted by the beautiful structure of our holy place. The temple was glowing colorfully in its white color. It was full of devotees. We venerated goddess Janaki then took a tour of the temple. Chimes of bells, prayers, and songs of devotees, everything made the temple vibrant. There was a museum at the back of the temple and we went over there. There were some belongings of king Janak and goddess Janaki and painting and retro moving statues telling the story of Rama and Sita. Everything was so divine.

The peaceful environment made all our torments vanished in a moment. After spending some more time acknowledging the heritage site, we decided to take a leave. Eventually, we returned back to Puranchaur from where this wonderful journey was started. Then we got off from the bus and the moment hit us so hard. It felt as if someone yanked us from the beautiful dream. Our terrifying journey now had come to an end. Oh, what a journey it was, much more delightful than we had anticipated.


So, that was all about my experience of Agritourism Nepal. Let us know if we can book you trek here.

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