Tea Houses Treks in Nepal
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Tea Houses Treks in Nepal Prices:


Tea house trek Nepal is a relatively cheap way of trekking in Nepal. Tea Houses Treks in Nepal unique way to explore the high Himalayas. Tea house trekking Nepal is cheap and fun. Here is everything about tea house Nepal.

It is popular to stop the day’s walk to eat and sleep at local tea houses during the remote mountain trek. Most all popular trekking trails like Everest Base Camp trek, Annapurna Base Camp trek, Manaslu circuit trek, Langtang valley trek, etc have reasonably comfortable tea houses. This kind of trek helps to connect with the local people and also boost their economy. Also, trekkers do not have to carry back-crushing rucksacks. So here is everything you need to know about Tea Houses Treks in Nepal.


Tea Houses Treks in Nepal schedule:

A tea house trek starts with a breakfast served at 7:00 am. On average after 5 hours of hike, you will get to have your lunch in other tea houses along the trail after 2 to 3 hours of walk. After lunch, you will hike for 3 more hours before crashing at the final destination. The dinners are served around 7:00 pm before in the tea house.

Tea Houses Trekking Nepal Prices

The tea houses trekking services can differ as per the trekking region. Regions as Everest, Annapurna and Langtang have tea houses with good facilities- attached bathroom, western food, hot and cold shower. You can also get to charge your, telephone and internet facilities over the tea house. But in the less traveled trekking trails, the facilities are very basic.
Here are some guidelines to Tea Houses Treks in Nepal prices.

Tea Houses Treks in Nepal
Tea Houses Treks in Nepal

Tea house Nepal accomodations:

Usually, the tea houses at lower altitudes provide great facilities.
A typical tea house has a room with two single beds. The bed will have mattresses, blankets, and pillows. You can also use a sleeping bag if it gets extremely cold during the night. The wall is thin and uninsulated. When moving to a higher elevation, accommodation facilities will be more basic. You will only find the basic toilet systems where you need to use the bucket of water to flush. Also, hot water showers become scarce as you.

Tea houses accommodations cost only around $3 to $5 per night. Some region has the rule that if you didn’t have the meal in the same tea house; the charge of the room may be high. During the off-season the accommodation cost falls to $1 or $2.

The room cost for the Everest region is little higher than Annapurna and Langtang region- you may have to pay up to $10 per night. Tea Houses Treks in Nepal is really cheap.

Nepal tea house menu

Tea houses in the popular trekking trails offer basic western food.
For breakfast, you’ll get porridge, pancakes, varieties of eggs bread. For lunch and dinner, you can get rice, vegetable and lentils and pickle set. You will also find basic cheese vegetable pizzas, momo (dumplings), garlic soups, chapati, and noodles.

The food cost around $2 during the starting of the trek and at the high camp, it can go up to $10 (NRS. 1000) per meal. Since they transport all the food to the higher altitudes by a human porter or mule, the price is reasonable.

You need to avoid the meat in higher elevations as meat products are also carried up to the lodge by foot for 2-3 days. It’s obvious that the cost varies as per your appetite and number of your meals. Food costs for Tea Houses Treks in Nepal makes the major part of the costs.

Tea Houses Treks in Nepal
Tea Houses Treks in Nepal

Drinks cost at tea house

During a high altitude trek, staying hydrated is important. The bottle of water can cost from $0.5 to $2.

A cup of tea costs $1.5-4 and a cup of coffee costs $2-4 (NRS. 200-400). The beer cost only $2-5, but it’s advisable to avoid the hard drinks on the trail.

Other Miscellaneous Costs

At the higher elevation, you need to pay some dollars for every small facility. Don’t expect it to be cheap.

Hot Shower
On the EBC trek, hot shower can cost $3 to $5. On the Annapurna region, the showers are totally free at the beginning of the trek. But at the higher altitudes, it costs around $2-3 (NRS. 200-300). At the remote region, you might need pay even for a pot of hot water.

Internet Services
Internet connectivity is not always available and if it is, it will cost a hell. In the Everest region, you can get prepaid cards for the internet that costs around $3 for 100 MB. In the Annapurna region, one-time fee for WiFi connection is $3-5.

Charging Electronic Devices
There are only a few plug points in the communal areas of tea houses which charges $ 3 per hour.


That was all about Tea Houses Treks in Nepal.
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