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Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek- combine yoga with trek


The Mountains are not just for climbing and sightseeing, it is filled with spiritual energy. Now popular as world’s best trekking destination, Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek offers closeness to the world’s iconic peak. All those thousands of trekkers making the hardest climb to Everest claim to feel some “special kind of energy in the Himalayas”. Well, I can’t tell if the energy comes from Gods and goddesses living in the Himalayas as Nepalese claim or it’s the divine force of nature. But with this sense of spiritually, Everest is just the ideal place for yoga. Here is everything you need to know about yoga in Everest Base Camp.


Why Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek?

As per Hinduism and Buddhism practitioner, God lives in the Himalayas. And with that belief, they constructed a number of Temples and Monasteries over the Himalayas. The land is filled with spiritual vibes that everyone can sense the positive energy.
With the yoga in Everest, you can not only give some rest to your shanks but get the doses of the extra amount of experience that is totally “out of this world”. Every day, there is something new to learn and good to exchange. Learn more about Everest Base Camp.

Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek
Yoga Trek

What yoga does to you?

• Every day, you will learn something;
• You will feel calm and free from the hectic life of your place,
• You will meet People and be friends with other crazy people like yourself,
• You will get to Know yourself and challenge yourself,
• You will get to experience a different kind of and feel alive

Highlights of yoga in Everest

• You can visit many ancients heritages site in Kathmandu;
• Get to have an ancient yoga practice and shares the Philosophy of Yoga;
• Learn with a certified yoga teacher
• Trekking to the world’s most prodigious destination “Everest Base Camp;
• Loop Trekking to Gokyo Lakes and Chola-Pass.
• Visit Ancient Monasteries and Gompas in the Everest Region.
• Get to witness the stunning view of Everest from Gokyo Ri viewpoint,

Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek Costs

The Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek cost around 1500 USD to 1750 per person including airfare, permit, guides, and porters, food and accommodation.

Permits for Everest Base Camp

You can get the visa for Nepal on arrival at the Kathmandu international airport. Trekking permits will be arranged by your travel agency. Further, they are the same as per Everest Base Camp permit.

Accommodation for Everest

During the trek, you will be spending nights in hotels and Tea Houses run by the local communities. Tea houses is a basic but comfortable room with mostly two beds in each room. Further, there would be a common dining hall for meals and you will get to choose anything they have from the menu. Learn more.

Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek
Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek

Itinerary for Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek

The Journey starts with a visit to Kathmandu. Then you shall head to the Himalayas with a scenic flight to Lukla. From the days onwards, you will spend each day with Yoga and Meditation. The Yoga classes will be conducted 2 times a day, in the morning and evening. After 4300m in the alpine zone, it is physically not good to do hardcore poses and we will be focusing on breathing practice.
The yoga instructor will individually guide you for the classes.


Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek is more than a awesome experience. Right kind pf trekking package make the experience even more fun. Interested to make a trek to the base of world tallest mountain and find a peace of hear? Come and see all our trips to Nepal here. We make the best kinds of arrangements in affordable price.

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