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Best cheap places for Paragliding in Nepal 2020


Wondering if there are any ideal places for Paragliding in Nepal? Yes, there are many.

Nepal is a home for all the adventure junkies around the world. Surrounded by high mountains and lovely hills, it’s been the ideal destination for Paragliding. Flying from the hills of Nepal bless awe-inspiring experience ranging from the adrenaline pumping twists to a truly trill experience floating above the wilderness and scenery of the Himalayas and verdant valleys and Mongolian villages. Surely, it will be an unforgettable flight for your lifetime. After all, hanging in the sky on thermals over the highest snow-capped mountains and pristine lakes are available nowhere else in the world.

Best season for Paragliding in Nepal in November and December.
Nepal can provide the best paragliding experiences in the world at a cheap price. Here are the few famous places for Paragliding in Nepal. Book your trip with us here and enjoy the best journey.


Paragliding in Nepal Pokhara

Paragliding in Nepal Pokhara
Paragliding in Nepal Pokhara

Pokhara, the city of wonder is the home for all adventure junkies aound the world. It’s also the most preferred destination for Paragliding- we can see hundreds of them flying off in the sky of Pokhara during peak season.
Sarangkot, a hill-top in Pokhara is the spot for the flight to take off. The spot is 1,592m above the sea level. The 30-40 minutes flight takes you to the sky along with vultures, eagles, and kites. You can see villages, temples, and lakes downward and Himalayan ranges parallel. The view of Mt. Machhapuchhre (Fishtail), Annapurna, Lamjung Himal, and Himchuli is clear and distinct. Finally, you will land in Lakeside.

Cost of 30 minutes Paragliding in Pokhara is $50.

Kathmandu Paragliding

Paragliding in Kathmandu

After Pokhara, this is the oldest Paragliding stop for adventure lover. Located just ten kilometers from the center, Godavari has breathtaking views and a beautiful landscape. Godavari is itself the biggest botanical garden of Nepal. From the sky, you can smell that richness in wildlife and natural splendor. The view of the garden which is an extravaganza of plants, trees, wild ferns, flowers, and orchids is spectacular. And you can also fell butterflies flying with you.

The flight takes off from Chapakharka and lands over Godawari.

The 30 minutes Paragliding in Nepal price is $80.

Nagarkot Paragliding

Paragliding in Nepal Nagarkot

Nagarkot- the beautiful hilltop just a few km far from Kathmandu is another famous point for Paragliding. The place known for the Panorama view of the many Himalayas including Mount Everest is an ideal Paragliding spot. The view is clear and distinct during the morning. Although the adventure-prone does not make it as crowded as Pokhara, if you are in Kathmandu it’s a outdo spot. The view of the lush greenery, Himalayan vistas and verdant valleys on a clear crystal day will leave you mesmerized.

Cost of 30 minutes Paragliding in Nagarkot is $80.

Kot Danda Paragliding

Another gem settled near Kathmandu is a hilltop near Tribhuvan airport. Named Kot Danda valley, it’s a new name for many Nepalese as well. Though the number of tourist flying in this region is less, its location been a plus. The place, blessed with prodigious views of the Himalayas, lush-green vegetation, and birds is a perfect spot for thermal navigation.

Cost of 30 minutes Paragliding in kot Danda is $70.


Ok, finally, after you have gone through the list of all best places for paragliding in Nepal, have you decided where you want to go. Well. Whatever you have chosen, your experience in Nepal shall be full. Together, you can also enjoy the Read all trekking destination to Nepal

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