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Mera Peak Trek Route, Map and Permit Cost


Mera Peak climbing is a fantastic high altitude trek which is basically a mountain climb. It’s a famous climb in Nepal – one of the highest climbing peaks in Nepal. The peak lies in the Everest region and is among the most climbed peak in Nepal. The experience is fun and enthralling. Just like other trekking destinations of Nepal, Mera Peak trek also requires some permits. There are two permits needed for Mera Peak. However, the Mera Peak permit and its price vary greatly on its route.


Mera Peak Permit Cost Based On The Route

Route One

This is the route through Lukla. The overall trekking days from Kathmandu is 18 to 20 days. After landing at Lukla airport, you trek towards the north to Paiya. As you trek through the remote region of Hinku valley, you will pass across the beautiful little villages like Panguam, Nagindingma, and Kothe. From Kothe, you can trek to Tagnag and Khare.

Khare is also known as an acclimatization spot where some trekking agencies also provide basic mountaineering training to prepare the climbers for your final push to Mera Peak. After Khare, it’s the Mera Base Camp. From Mera Base Camp, you will assent through the High Camp to the summit of Mera Peak. The return journey is across the same path.

You will need the following permits:

Local Area Permit: You can get a Local Area permit at Lukla on Arrival which costs around $20.

Makalu Barun National Park Entry Permit: SAARC nationals citizens need to pay Nrs. 1500 (Nrs. 165 vat charge) and the citizen of other nationals pay Nrs. 3000 (Nrs. 390 vat charge).

Mera Peak Climbing Cost: The cost of the expedition is listed below:

For Foreigners:
June-Aug.: $70
March-May: $250
Sep-Nov.: $125
Dec.-Feb.: $70

For Nepalese:
June-Aug.: Nrs. 1000
March-May: Nrs. 4000
Sep-Nov.: Nrs. 2000
Dec.-Feb.: Nrs. 1000

Route Two

This route includes the major part of the Everest Base Camp trek route. After flying to Lukla, you will walk to a beautiful village of Namche Bazaar. From Namche Bajar, you can trek to Mera Base Camp then to High Camp before you finally kiss the submit. From the summit, you head back the same way.

Permits cost for this route is:

Local Area Permit: This permit costs $20.
Sagarmatha National Park Entry permit: This permit cost $15 to SAARC nationals citizen and $30 to other nation.

Mera Peak Climbing Cost: The cost is the same as that of route 1.

Route Three

The third route is, in fact, the most challenging route. Once you fly to Lukla, you trek East, directly to Zatr La Pass (4610m). From here, Zatr La Pass you enter the Hinku valley. Then through Tagnag village, you can head to Mera Base Camp. This is a challenging route but also the shortest. This route is suggested for the experienced high altitude trekkers.

Mera Peak Permit cost of the third route is exactly the same as the first route.

Getting Your Mera Peak Permit

Only a registered and licensed trekking agency can arrange the permit.

A garbage deposit cost of $250 is needed for the permits for Mera Peak trek. Children below 10 years do not require any national park entry permits. Mera Peak climbing permits and the National Park Entry Permits can be obtained from Kathmandu.

Things Needed to Obtain Mera Peak Permit

  • 2 passport sized photographs
  • 1 photocopy of your passport
  • Nepali currency to cover the permit costs
  • Completed forms for each permit

Terms and Conditions of Mera Peak Permits

  • They are valid for single entry only. The permits are, non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • Anyone entering the Conservation Area should follow the National Park and Wildlife Conservation Act 2029 B.S.
  • Entry Permits should be carried during the entire trip and showed to any officers of the Conservation Area who wants to check it.
  • The entry permit counters can only issue entry permits to these areas.

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