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Langtang Trek in Spring – March, April & May


Spring in Nepal is prodigious, full of red pink and purple Rhododendron blooms. The place is a wonderland of natural and cultural mysteries. During spring, you can walk across the pine trees and bamboo forests under the crystal clear sky in the Langtang region. The Langtang Valley has a complete package of nature, culture, and heritage. The spring weather makes it even more prodigious. Here is everything about Langtang Trek in Spring – March, April & May.


Beauty of Langtang

The Langtang valley once used to be a major trade route. And still, the lifestyle of Langtang Valley has been inspired by the Tibetan lifestyle. The mesmerizing views of tall peaks like Lirung-Langtang Ri and Langtang are immensely beautiful. During spring, the entire valley displays dramatic Langtang Himalayan ranges.

Not just the ranges, Langtang National Park with great flora and fauna also adds to the beauty of the region. The Red Panda wandering in the land of Langtang is the specialty of the place. This valley is also called the valley of glaciers also has many beautiful glaciers.

Also, Spring is a time to climb peaks like Naya Kang and Yala peaks. And not to miss the famous natural hot spring at the Tatopani village.

Popular Treks in Langtang Region During Spring

  • Helambu Trekking
  • Langtang Gosainkunda Trekking
  • Tamang Heritage Trail Trekking
  • Ganja La Pass Trekking
  • Langtang Kyanjing Gompa Trekking

The Weather of Langtang Trek in Spring

Spring means warmth after the chilling winter, which brings joy to nature. During the early spring, you may witness some snowfalls at higher altitude but the overall climate is stable and colorful weather.

Spring is the time when the flowers learn to bloom again and birds start chirping again. The forests in the lower elevation are all covered in Rhododendrons and the luscious green and dense bamboo and birch.

Langtang Trek Weather in March

March marks the beginning of Spring – winter in Langtang is still lingering in its tail. Days get quite warm but the nights are still cold, but bearable.

The average temperature of the region during March is about 5-degree Celsius. The average daytime temperature in the lower elevation is around 10-degree Celsius.

March brings the spectacular view of the entire Region as the snow in the mountains appears to think and the tiny buds of Rhododendron make things more attractive.

Langtang Trek Weather in April

April, the mid-spring, introduces you to bright and hotter days with mild temperature and low humidity. Thus, April is the most pleasant hiking time.

The scenic view around the valley is strikingly beautiful – the colorful hills and cloudless sky are hard to resist.

In April, the average day temperature ranges between 5 to 10-degree Celsius while the night temperature falls to -2 degree Celsius ( at Kyanjin station).

Langtang Trek Weather and Temperature in May

During May, Rhododendron blossoms at their best. The romantic aroma of wildflowers along the trails makes everything perfect. May is also the hottest spring month in the Langtang Valley.

At the Kyangjin, the maximum day temperature reaches around 12-degree Celsius while that of the night falls to zero degree Celsius.

Perks of Langtang Trek in Spring

  • Most Favorable Climate to Trek
  • Less Traffic than in Other high-rated popular Trekking Trails in Nepal
  • Stunning Mountain Vistas
  • Lush Forests You’ll Trek Through
  • Diverse Wildlife
  • The Yala Cheese Factory

Difficult level Langtang Trek in March, April, and May

The Langtang valley trek is definitely pleasant and enjoyable trek – hiking 4 to 6 hours per day along the diverse route is not so hard. Some portions of the trek is long steep climbs while some portion is an easy walk along a straight road. But you will still need to have a fit body and a healthy mind. Also, you will need to include enough acclimatization days in your schedule.

Accommodations for Langtang Trek in Spring

Spring is is a beautiful time for teahouses trekking where you will get on the twin-share basis. As spring is quite a busy month, it’s wise to pre-book your rooms.

Drink plenty of water during the trek. Keeping yourself hydrated is something you must have in mind throughout. Bring some chocolates and candy bars for refreshments.

Final Say

Spring is the best season to trek Langtang Valley and witness the lifestyle, nature and a complete package of cultural heritage. If you have any queries about Langtang Trek in Spring, comment below or contact us here.

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