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Is Mardi Trek for beginners?

Yes. We can guarantee that the Mardi Himal Trek is the shortest and easiest base camp trek in Nepal, which beginners can do. You can work 6 to 7 hours each day and easily complete the five-day Mardi Himal Base Camp trek without any assistance from experts and without any pre-training.

Which month is best for Mardi Trek?

The best months for the Mardi Himal Base Camp trek are September, October, and November. However, we recommend trekking in March and April when the Mardi Himal trail is covered with beautiful Rhododendron blooms.

How long does it take to do Mardi Trek?

Depending upon your itinerary, Mardi Himal Trek can be completed in 5 to 7 days from Kathmandu. It only takes three days from Pokhara.

Do you need a guide for Mardi Himal Trek?

Yes. From 2023, the Nepal government has made it compulsory to hire guides for all treks in the mountain region. This means you must hire a licensed guide for Mardi Himal before you get your permit to trek. Hiring a guide for Mardi Himal can cost about dollar 20 to 25 per day.

How long does it take to reach Mardi Himal from Pokhara?

Mardi Himal Trek begins in Pothana, which is about one hour’s ride from Kathmandu. From there, you need to trek for two days to reach the Mardi High camp, which is the last spot for hotels in Mardi. From there, you hike for another three hours to reach the Mardi Himal base camp. The Mardi Himal trek from Pokhara and back takes about 3 to 4 days, depending upon your speed.

What is the total cost of Mardi Himal Trek?

Mardi Himal Trek might be the cheapest base camp trek you can find in Nepal. It costs about $300 for independent travellers and about $500 if you travel privately and take the all-inclusive package.

How hard is the height of Mardi Himal Trek?

The altitude of the Mardi base camp is 4,500 m, which is a very challenging height. From Pokhara, you gain about 3700 m in height in less than three days, making it difficult to cope with dropping levels of oxygen. So, you might see some symptoms of altitude sickness. But if you take enough rest and keep yourself hydrated, you can recover from the impact of altitude at Mardi.

How many days in the Mardi Himal Trek?

The Mardi Himal trek from Kathmandu is 6 to 7 days long, and that from Pokhara is 3 to 4 days long. But you can add extra days to your trip to explore nearby hills and other villages as well.

Can we climb Mardi Himal?

The height of the Mardi Himal peak is only 5,587 m, which is less than many trekking peaks of Nepal, such as Lobuche Peak and Mero Peak. However, the landscape of Mardi makes it difficult to trek or climb to the peak. That is why the government has issued climbing, for which you need a travel agency, guides, and short training sessions before you head to the Himals. However, you can climb up to Mardi base camp at 4500 m without any permission or climbing skills.

How do you go to Mardi Himal from Kathmandu?

Mardi Himal is accessible from Pokhara, a beautiful lake city the is about 200 km/8 hours of drive from Kathmandu. From Pokhara, you drive north for about one hour and then start the trek from Pothana. Then, there is a well-marked trekking trial that you can follow up to the high camp and then to the Mardi Base Camp. Then, you can return on the same way back to Sidhing and drive to Pokhara for about two hours.

How much elevation gain is Mardi Himal?

The highest point of the trek is Mardi Himal, which is 4500 meters, and Pokhara, the starting point for the journey, is 800 meters. This means you will gain about 3700m on this trek, which is a very rapid altitude gain. That is why we request you to be very conscious of altitude sickness while you are on The Mardi Himal Trek.

What are the highlights of Mardi Himal Trek?

Being the shortest, easiest, and cheapest base camp trek is the main feature of Mardi Himal Trek. Nowhere else in Nepal can you reach the base of a mountain so quickly as in Mardi Himal. Also, the awesome view of Annapurna, Macchapuchre, and Dhauligiri ranges during the trek makes it very interesting. Although not the best trek for the culture and diversity of Nepal, it’s a great insight into the Himalayas at a low budget.

How high is Mardi Himal High camp?

Mardi Himal High Camp is at 3550 m above sea level, and this is the last human settlement area before Mardi Himal. The walk from Mardi High camp to base camp is about 1000 metres high and is the most difficult part of this journey.

Which is better, the Annapurna Base Camp Trek or the Mardi Himal Trek?

While the Annapurna base camp trek is the classic and popular trek in Nepal, it’s a bit demanding and a bit longer (7-8 days of trek). The views from the Annapurna base camp is a bit more extensive, but the Mardi Himal route is easier and cheaper. In the peak season, the Annapurna base camp trek is quite crowded, and if you wanna enjoy nature at its best, you can be in the solitude of Mardi Himal.

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