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Mount Everest Weather: Temperature and Weather on Everest Base Camp:


This article writes about Mount Everest Weather. Before you go for the trek, you need to know about the Temperature and Weather on Everest Base Camp.

Everest Base Camp is a precious trekking trail in Nepal. And it is also the most popular one. Hundreds and Thousands of trekkers are recorded traveling to Everest region to witness the world’s highest peak. You can witness the glory of this tall mountain, from its foothill at 5364 m from the sea level.

But before the trek to the Base Camp, it is important to research the basic information about the weather and temperature in that area. This way, you can prepare yourself to the best and the worst situation at higher altitude. Here is everything about Everest Base Camp Weather and Temperature in spring, summer, autumn, and winter.


Mount Everest Weather and Season:

Each season has its own unique features and its own challenges. We have tried to list out the Everest weather condition and climate has four major seasons.

Everest Base Camp in Spring:

Everest region is rather calm and sweet during spring. March, April, and May is considered the best time for Everest Base Camp trek. You will encounter many trekkers from different countries in the trail. During spring, the sky is clear and thus the view of mountain vista is magnificent. The average day temperature is 17 degrees Celsius in which is slightly low during morning and evening. Everest Weather is awesome in spring.

Spring comes with blossoms and you can enjoy many species of flowers along the trail. Blooming rhododendron of the different color add-in to the ambiance of the trail. You can also enjoy the varying species of animals and birds.

Everest Weather
Everest Weather

Everest Base Camp at Summer:

June, July, and August is summer in Nepal. Summer is Nepal is also a monsoon time due to which the trekking trails in the region will be wet. This season is less favorable for the Mount Everest Climbers. The frequent downpour and cloudy weather might increase the number of days you spend in the region. Also, you cannot ignore the possibility of landslides in the lower region and avalanche in the higher mountain. Everest Weather is summer can be harsh.

Summer is the season for aspiring botanist- number of flora and fauna of the region increases during summer. Since there are fewer trekkers, you can get a heavy discount on accommodation and food during monsoon. If you have enough preparation, the hike in summer will be an adventurous adventure.

Everest Base Camp at Autumn:

Autumn has just the perfect temperature and climate for the trekkers in the Everest Base Camp. September, October, and November is autumn in Nepal. During these months, the weather will be stable and clear, allowing a great view of the mountains. Everest Weather is autumn is stunning.

The temperature is not the warmest, but it is not super-cold as well. It is a comfortable time for walking during the day time. You can try trekking through the off the beaten track and get away from the crowds.

One important aspect of trekking in autumn is pre-booking. It is usually important to be prepared with suitable gear as the weather in the mountains can be a bit unpredictable.

Everest Base Camp at Winter:

November marks the beginning freezing winter in the northern hemisphere of Nepal. The weather is very cold but it is dry as well. If you are geared up with plenty of warm clothes, winter also offers the awesome experience. Everest Weather in winter is harsh due to winter fall.

The temperature at night drops down to -10 to -30 degrees Celsius. But the temperature during the day is quite moderate. Since the traffic is low in this region, you can enjoy the discounts and the hospitality because it is offseason. But note that the trekking trail to the high passes as Gokyo trail and Mera peak trek will be closed in winter. Almost all the places around the peak will have thickly layered snow deposit making the view even more exciting. The snow and chill will make your stay a lot prodigious. Read about Everest Base Camp trek in January.

Everest Weather
Everest Weather

Everest Base Camp trek tips:

• February to May and September to October is said to be the best month for due to Everest Weather. You will be on a safer side as the weather will be stable and pleasant. However, the trekking trail will have a lot of traffic and the rate of accommodation goes higher.

• June through August is less not impossible but way more a challenge. The trails will be wet and muddy. With proper rain gears, rain boots, and other gears the trek can be pretty fun and experience.

• If you do not hate the cold weather, believe me, winter has a lot of other perks that you can relish.

• Irrespective of the season, having sound health and hygiene while hiking is important.


This is all about Everest Weather in different weather.

Final Say, Better safe than sorry.

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