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Canyoning in Nepal Pokhara Kathmandu Chitwan Price


There are many Canyoning places in Nepal. Canyoning Nepal Pokhara and Canyoning in Nepal kathmandu as well as Chitwan and Trishuli is popular. The adventure is also fun due to low Canyoning in Nepal Price.

Canyoning- a journey through canyons includes the techniques as hiking, climbing, swimming, umping, and many more. It is often understood as a hike through the canyons that involves ropes and rattles, involves ascent up and down a canyon and includes technical swings. This usually involves the climbing of rough structures as rocks, gorges, walls, and waterfalls. Nepal is blessed with so much of the natural resources and has many swift rivers and majestic waterfalls that make their way through the hills. These waterfalls add beauty to the environment and thrill to the adventure junkies. Like Paraglidng in Nepal, Canyoning in Nepal is also very popular.


Canyoning in Nepal Kathmandu

Kathmandu, the country’s capital is the first priority for many tourists landing in Nepal. Kathmandu has always served the tourists with best possible facilities. Whether it comes to culture and tradition or the adventure activities, Kathmandu has everything. Canyoning in Kathmandu has two chapters, Canyoning in Kakani Canyoning in Sundarijal

Canyoning in Kakani

Kakani, a beautiful hilltop at 35 kilometers away from Kathmandu is easily accessible. There are two canyons sites in Kanaki: Phung Phungye (185 meters) in Dhansar village and Chhahare (145 meters) in Jurethum village in the Kakani area. Along with canyoning, you can get the panorama view of Ganesh Himal, Langtang regions and Manaslu. Also, there is a sufficient amount of water volume in the falls for canyoning all around the year.

Canyoning in Nepal
Canyoning in Kathmandu

You can ride to Kakani in a private vehicle for an hour or take a public vehicle from Balaju bypass. Further, from Kakani village, the Phung Phugye canyon is a half an hour hike. The canyoning activity lasts for about 2 to 3 hours. After canyoning, you can either spend the night in the Jurethum village or drive back to Kathmandu. The next morning, you can walk around to see the world-famous Japanese Trout Fish.

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Canyoning in Sundarijal

“Sundarijal” itself suggests “beautiful water”. Further, Sundarijal is a popular destination for hiking, swimming, picnic, and now canyoning. Sundarijal is 17 kilometers north-east of Kathmandu and canyoning in the waterfalls of the Sundarijal is a fun experience.

Getting a bus to Sundarijal:
Sundarijal is about an hour drive away from Thame in a private vehicle. You can get a public bus to Sundarijal from Ratnapark. Further, from Sundarijal Bus Park, you can get a vehicle to Sundarijal village and hike for half an hour uphill to the Sundarijal village.

There is total of 5 canyoning sites among which one is the dry/wet fall and the rest four are the wet falls:

1st fall 15 meters damp/wet
2nd fall 20 meters wet
3rd fall 18 meters wet
4th fall 35 meters wet
5th fall 45 meters wet

Canyoning in Jalbire, Chitwan (The Lamo Jharana) Price

Jalbire is 100km from Kathmandu on the way to Narayanghat. It is around 3 to 4 hours of drive from the capital. It is in-fact one of most favored canyoning waterfall destination in Nepal- offers the experience of waterfalls, rock slides, and the jumping rocks. Further, there are around five waterfalls of 40-50 meters in height. Depending upon the climate and volume of water canyoning should be done. Jalbire is a popular chapter of Canyoning in Nepal.

Canyoning in Bhotekoshi

Bhotekoshi is another destination close to the capital for tough and challenging canyoning swing in multiple sites. There are four canyoning sites Bhotekoshi.
Jombo Khola (3 hours),
Handi Khola (4 hours),
Kabre Khola (3 hours 45 minutes), and
Galung Khola (6 hours).
Canyoning in Bhotekoshi is the best destination for several attempts in a single trip. Also, easy access capital makes it a prodigious site.

Canyoning in Nepal

Canyoning in Trishuli:

Trishuli River is one famous as a rafting spot of Nepal. But the fact is other water sports as cannoning is also equally popular in Trishuli. Canyoning in Nepal Trishuli is a major fun. The impressive gorges and speed of the water make it a great choice while the accessibility to the site is a plus point. Also, trishuli canyoning involves a challenging adventure- hanging down and up a vertical cliff and being splashed by the water over the head.


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Here is some popular destinations for Canyoning in Nepal If you know more of these places, point them out in the comment section below.

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