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Boating in Phewa Lake-Boating in Pokhara price ( Is it affordable?)


Planning a trip to Pokhara? There are many things to do and places to visit in Pokhara. But the most fun activity is boating in Pokhara. Then Boating in Phewa lake moreover like a tradition and tradition are meant to be followed! Boating in Pokhara is proficient in Phewa Lake, Begnas Lake, and Rupa Lake. Here let’s give you some information about the time, days and price of boating in Pokhara.

Boating in Pokhara is an interesting recreational thing to do. Pokhara has glacier-fed lakes where you can hire a boat for a couple of hours and enjoy the moments with lots of sights near around you.


Boating in Phewa

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Heading deep into the calm waters of Phewa Lake is just the perfect way to unwind your pain. As the boat rows to the center, the mountain views get spectacular. You can make a trip to the center where there is a holy Tal Barahi Temple, make a round trip to the Lake or even take a boat up to the white Gumba.

At Phewa Lake, you choose the boat among rowboats, sailboats and driven boats (the old fashioned boats joined with planks and pedals in the middle). You can choose between fibred-body sailboats and wooden ones.

Best time for Boating in Phewa:

Boating in Phewa
Boating in Phewa

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You can do the boating everyday except for the days with the harsh climate. You can do boating in Phewa is suitable all seasons except monsoon. If it’s not raining and the climate is calm, the boating stations are open even in the months of monsoon.

As their is the risk of storm, the boating is usually not allowed after five in the evening. In Spring i.e Arpil, March, and May the rainfall is experienced during the evening time (usually after 3). Boating in such time is also not favorable.

There have been some accidents in the past due to sudden change of climate in the evening. So taking such risk can be life threatening.

The cost for boating in Phewa:

Boating in Phewa Lake is affordable. You can rent the Colorful wooden doongas at Varahi Ghat and Phewa Ghat. Rates of boating start at Rs 500 per hour with a boatman, or Rs 450 per hour if you paddle yourself and you should rent a Lifejackets at Rs 10. You can also take a boat to Tal Bahari in the center of the temple which costs Rs 100 per person. The cost of boating to and from White pagoda is around Rs 1200.

Boating in Begnas and Rupa Lake:

I personally love less crowded and calm Begnas Lake boating over Phewa lake. The water is crystal clear and views around are mesmerizing.

The two lakes, Phewa Lake and Begnas Lake are separated by a forested hill named as Pachabhaiya Danda and can be the nice retreat.

Best time for Boating in Begnas lake and Rupa lake?

Like the one in Phewa, the You can do boating in is also permitted all seasons except for the monsoon. It is suggested that you don’t take a boat in the evening- specially when the weather is rough.

The cost of boating in Begnas Lake and Rupa Lake

Boating in Pokhara price
Boating in Phewa Lake Price

The colorful wooden boat can be ranted at Begnas for Rs 500 per hour with a boatman and a 100 less if you paddle yourself. A boat can accommodate four people and a driver. In comparison to boating in Phewa Lake, the rate of boating in Beganas Lake is low.

Lifejackets are compulsory and free over Begnas.

To Sum Up,

So, that was everything you need to know about Boating in Phewa Lake. We hope that you will have an awesome experience.

Good Luck!!!

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