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10 Unique Nepal Foods you must try while in Nepal


Taking a closer look at Nepalese diversity, everything seems to be exciting- especially our food. Unique Nepal foods is part of our culture- various Nepali foods are prepared on various occasions. The foods represent different indigenous people to settle in different parts of the country. Nepalese foods name are prepared using local spices and have their own unique taste. While you might find it spicy in the first try, you will fall in love with it. The mouth-watering foods will stay in your mouth for a longer time. And the unique part is having it with your hand instead of spoon or fork. Here is the list of some must-try Unique Nepal Foods in Nepal.


10 Unique Nepal Foods

The Daal Bhat Tarkari

Daal Bhat Tarkari is the stable Nepalese diet-  they can literally have it for two times an each for all their life. In fact, it tastes good and is a perfect set to kill your hunger. The set comes with Lentil soup, rice, curry, pickle, and some seasonal salad. If you are lucky, the plate also contains the meat Thatched Chickpea (Papad).

Unique Nepal Foods
Unique Nepal Foods


This Unique Nepal Foods is the most popular food available in almost all corners of Nepal. These bite-sized dumplings are filled with meats, vegetables, and even sweets. The dumplings can either be ordered in steamed form or other forms as Kothe momo (fried) and C-momo (spicy hot ketchup mixed). The momos are generally handmade and fresh.

The Samay Baji

Sometimes also called “Khaja set”, Samay Baji is the authentic Newari dish. The set of Samay Baji has beaten rice, Bara, barbecued, Chatamari and marinated buffalo meat, fried boiled egg, black soybeans, spicy potato, finely cut ginger, boiled beans with species, green leaves and Aaila. Each item has unique spices and unique taste.


It is a traditional food in hilly and mountain region of the country. Dhindo is cooked by constant mixing of the buckwheat flours with the hot water and served with the local vegetable curry especially Gundruk ( fermented leafy green vegetable) or with the local chicken. The dish is popular among the external tourist and is served. This is the most Unique Nepal Foods.

Juju Dhau

This is my personal favorite. “Juju” in Newari means king and “Dhau” means curd. Thus, it is technically called the king of curds. This sweetened yogurt is special food  of Bhaktapur made in a red clay pot called “maato ko kataaro”. The pot of different size is available as per your wish. Juju Dhau is served in some restaurants of Pokhara and Kathmandu as well, but the one in Bhaktapur is up-to-the next level.

Sel Roti

This is a famous traditional Nepalese dish prepared during festivals and marriage. It is made from the rice flour mixed with milk, cooking oil, ghee, sugar, cardamom, and cloves. The well-mixed flour is poured in the hot oil in the ring shape and fried until the color gets brown. The dish is sweet and crunchy in taste. The Sel roti served in the street stalls and the restaurant doesn’t have the taste like homemade one has- try a Sel roti in a Homestay.

Allu Tama

Aalu Tama is a unique Nepalese food from potato and young bamboo shoots. This curry dish is normally sour in taste. Sometimes buff meat and the black-eyed beans might also add to the taste of the curry. But I personally don’t like young bamboo shoots curry due to its smell.


This Newars dish has a unique taste and also a unique shape. It is steamed with an outer layer of rice flour filled with the sweet called chaku or Khuwa and finely spiced lentil.  The food is prepared in Newari society during special events and festivals. The Yomari shape represents one half of the “shadkona”- the symbol of Saraswati and wisdom. The dish is also believed to work against cold.

Unique Nepal Foods
Unique Nepal Foods


Sukuti-a traditional dried meat food is a staple dish of Limbu people. Sukuti is prepared by cutting the meat into thin strips and coated with the spices, chilies, and pepper. The meat is then hanged in the sun to make it dry and then it is prepared in a pan by frying it with the onions, chilies, tomatoes, garlic, and ginger. The dish will surely make you lick your fingers.


Thukpa is rather a Tibetan noodle soup, famous in Himalayan of Nepal.  The Thukpa soup noodles have carrots, cabbage, onion, garlic, green chilies, and sometimes hot and spicy ketchup. The Thukpa in the Himalayas region is best to beat the cold.  You can also get a chicken and buff Thupka is a choice.


Chatamari is another famous Newari dish made with rice flour, egg, meat and vegetable. This round shaped food cooked in a non-stick pan is also nicknamed “Newari pizza”. Initially, flatbread in heated and over the bread egg, minced meat, tomato, onions, green chili, spicy, green chili etc is added. It is healthy and yummy- a rare combination. This is a popular and Unique Nepal Foods by Newari.

Khir (Rice Pudding)

This is the yummiest dessert you can have in Nepal. Locals prepare Khir during pujas, weddings, and other religious occasions. Khir is cooked rice in milk by adding sugar, dried fruit, and spices etc. As per Nepalese Calendar, khir is compulsorily cooked in Shrawan 15- kheer eating day.

While in Nepal, try these food and say which one is your favorite- Samaya Baji and Juju Dhau are mines. Read about the other sweets in Nepal.


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